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Update: 20th December, 2015

Hi, my name is Santam Naha (San). I’m from India. I’ve been in the online marketing field for 3 years now. I’ve always been passionate and excited about online marketing and that was the reason I started looking for online opportunities. When I started I didn’t have any idea about it. I started with some PTC sites but that did not last long. Then I shifted my focus on Affiliate Marketing. But miserably failed in the initial phase. Then I started realizing that it’s not that easy to get success in online marketing as I thought it would be. You must have a proper guidance and a solid mindset if you really want to get success in it. Then I started taking training from a top affiliate marketer of Warrior Plus. I spent a lot of money taking trainings, purchasing courses and products. I learned a lot during the phase of my training. Also I got cheated by few big names in the industry (Coaches) who took my hard earned money as coaching fee and delivered nothing. It really hurts me when I think about those people who, despite having lots of money, are greedy and are ready to cheat newcomers. [I Forgot! Part of IM journey].

I also did a lot of mistakes initially. The major mistake I did (which most of the newbies tend to do) was I focused on too many things together at one time and kept jumping from one to another which finally ended up yielding Zero results and which was enough to make me extremely frustrated. This was the lesson I learned in the initial phase. So I started focusing on Product creation which I was learning from a top affiliate marketer of Warrior Plus and successfully launched my product at Warrior Forum. So after going through a lot of ups and downs and after facing a lot of failures my online journey is going pretty good now.

Lessons I learned:

 Focus on one thing at a time and give your 100% to it.

 Don’t trust anyone just by seeing big names and big figs ($$$).

I’ll not make the story long. Currently I’m learning and enjoying SEO and focusing on creating Niche Sites. But very recently I have been introduced to an unique revshare program “My Paying Ads” by one of my very good friends of Warrior Forum. After going through lots of reviews and research I joined the program. I got very good results within the couple of days of joining. So I’ve started taking interest in it. I’ve shared my experience and my honest review “My Paying Ads Review” here. And I’ve decided to share my experience and progress with My Paying Ads every alternate day here in my review blog. So keep visiting and get in touch.


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