My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

One of the most successful and sustainable advertising revenue share company on today’s date is My Paying Ads (MPA). Honesty and Transparency is something which stands this company out from the rest of other mushrooming revshare companies. In the following section – My Paying Ads Review – I’m going to share my experience with this company. Not only that, I’m also going to share my Results and Progress with this program every alternate day in this review blog.

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

How I joined the Program (MPA-1)

► (See my Results and Updates on MPA-2 below down the page)

I’ve been introduced to this great revshare company by one of my very good friends of Warrior Forum not very long ago. Initially I was extremely skeptical on joining this program but after doing a lot of research and going through a lot of positive reviews finally I decided to join My Paying Ads and finally joined the program on 12th December, 2015.

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!


Why I did not want to join the Program initially

Before joining the program I was doing Affiliate Marketing for long time (still doing so), I was doing Product Launching at WARRIOR FORUM (got good success), I also tried my luck with some Revenue Share companies before but miserably failed with those companies due to the dishonest attitude and approach of the Admins. Almost all of the companies (not all) were nice to join. But the real faces and the intention of the companies surfaced when it came to the point cashing out. You must have faced the same situation with most the revshare companies if you’ve already worked with some of them . This is the only reason I was so skeptical in joining My Paying Ads.


What I checked about the Company before joining and  What made me join

I did a lot of research before joining the company (MPA). The first reason (not the best reason) I joined coMy Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!mpany is the Admin. The admin of the company Dr. Uday Nara (Originally from India) is from an Engineering Background and a PHD settled in Singapore. As I’m also from India, that played an initial role in my mind to dig deeper into it and do more research about the company.

How popular My Paying Ads is

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

► (Alexa Global Rank as on 24th Oct, 2016: 3,921)

This point must get the special mention in My Paying Ads Review. I’ve checked the Alexa ranking of this site and the result came out as above. The Global Ranking of the site is 2,986 which is extremely good decide on how much popularity the site is gaining. And the upward trending graph clearly indicates the growth and the sustainability of the company.

I’ve gone through numerous reviews, reviews after reviews and believe me friends; I did not leave with a single review which portrayed anything negative about the company. This is one of the most important reasons why I decided to join the company.

The most important reason why I finally joined the company is, while researching, I’ve gone through so many reviews that showed the timely payment proofs along with screen shots which reflected the honesty of the admin. And most importantly most of the payments were high pay-outs. This was the deciding factor for me to join My Paying Ads.

Just after registering with the company I joined their Facebook Group. And after seeing the mind-blowing results of the other members every hour and after interacting with them, I didn’t have any doubt in my mind that I’ve landed on the right place. Another great thing about the program is the helping attitude of all the members as well as of the admin towards the new members. They’re always on their toes to help everyone with advice and suggestion. And no need to mention that Transparency is something what differs this company from other revshare companies. And I’m 100% certain that, this is the major factor which’s going to provide this company a long term sustainability.


► The following Review is about MPA-1 and MPA-2 as well. I’ve updated the entire post with the significant changes that have been made / implemented with the re-launch of MPA-2. I’ve added the new features of MPA-2 in Orange letters throughout the post. But it asks for a special mention here that despite so much of problems (paypal problems), MPA is still one of the Best and Stable and Sustainable Revshares in the Industry now. The Honesty and Transparency of the owner, Dr Uday Nara is still the same as it was before.

► Following are the New Pay-plans of MPA-2.

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

► How To Purchase AdPacks in MPA-2 ◄

 ►Download MPA-2 Unofficial Calculator Here◄

My Account as on 25th Oct, 2016:

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

As you can see above that I’ve stopped purchasing anymore AdPacks beyond 200. I’ve maxed out Level-1 and Level-2 (i.e. I’ve purchased 100 adpacks of Level-1 (Max allowed) and 100 adpacks of Level-2 (Max allowed). Now if I start purchasing Level-3 AdPacks, I’ll have to pay $30 monthly subscription which I’m not willing to do. Currently I’m paying $10 monthly subs since I’ve purchased Level-2 adpacks. (for purchasing Level-1 adpacks there is no monthly subs).

Now you can see above, since I’ve stopped purchasing any further adpacks, my Earning Balance is going up everyday. My active Adpacks have also started expiring (normally adpacks expire in approx 60 days). And I’m utilizing my Earning and Commission balances to purchase  new adpacks of Level-1 and Level-2 only, so that I can maintain my Active adpacks to 200.

I’ve seen many people maxing out all the levels (Level-1 to Level-4) to maximize their Daily withdrawable amount (Up to $200 per day). But since I don’t have much money to spend, this is solely my strategy. Anyone and everyone is free to disagree with me.

► And lastly, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined (me) from my link.

My Withdrawals:

(As you can see below I started MPA with $130 only. The amount was Transferred from Paypal to MPA-2 after Paypal fully released the frozen Funds. And so far I’ve withdrawn $672)

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

►If you also want to be a part of My Paying Ads◄

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

(I’ve prepared a PDF Guide with my Strategy and all Important Video Tutorial Links. If you would like get it, please make a Comment asking for the Guide in the “Comment Section” below. I’ll send it to you as early as possible)

Let’s get into My Paying Ads Review and Have a look in detail about the Company

Name of The Company: My Paying Ads (Visit the Official Website)

Admin: Dr. Uday Nara (Nalam Satyanarayana) (FB Profile)

Launch Date: 30th March, 2015

(MPA-2 Relaunched on 17th March, 2016)

Total Number of Members: 189,328 (MPA-2) (Increasing every day)

Dedication, Hard work and Planning of mainly three persons are there behind the Success of MPA. Uday Nara, Tanzeel Zia and Shaf Memon.

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!


How the Program works

(MPA-2: Whatever you spend to purchase adpcks, you get a return of 120% of your total investment over a period of approx 60 days. Daily return is approx 2%. There is no compulsory re-purchase rule as before. You get your daily return in your withdrawable (earning) balance. You may withdraw that balance or you may use it to re-purchase new adpacks.)

This is an advertising revenue share company that offers advertising packs (Ad Packs) in 10 different levels. (Level 1 through Level 10). (11th Level has been introduced recently).

You can have 200 ad packs at the most to each level. (At 10th level only you can have unlimited ad packs). There is a restriction of having at least 100 ad packs in each level to proceed to the next level. The compounded return of your ad pack purchase comes back to you in two parts. Cash Earnings (30%) and Re-purchase earning (70%). You’re eligible to withdraw the cash earning and reinvest the re-purchase earnings to re-purchase more shares and that purchase again comes back to you in the similar manner (30%-70%).

Let’s take an Example:

You purchase 100 shares of level 1 with $100 (the cost of each shares differs from level to level – From the below table you can have a clear idea about the cost of ad packs and their return)

You get a 120% return of $100, i.e. $120 ($36 in Cash Earnings and $84 in re-purchase earnings). Now you invest the re-purchase earning to purchase another 84 shares with $84 and it comes back to you in the similar manner. Though it’s a wise strategy at the initial stage to reinvest the full amount (Cash earning + re-purchase earning) to re-purchase more share to get the best output. (Discussed later).

IMPORTANT:  You have to click 10 ads every 24 hours to keep your share earnings rolling. This is not a big deal I guess as it takes only 2 minutes to do that.

(No compulsory Re-purchase Rule in MPA-2. 100% goes to Withdrawable Balance. You may withdraw this balance or you may use it for re-purchasing new adpscks).


My Paying Ads Strategy

The best strategy which I’m following and almost everyone in the group is following to get the maximum output is, try to purchase as many shares as you can for the first couple of months using cash earnings + re-purchase earnings until you recover your seed money.

After you recover your seed money, you go straight by re-purchasing more ad packs. Then you set your goal of daily income say $50 to $100 per day, you keep re-purchasing until you reach the number of shares that may approximately yield you the earnings that is equivalent to your goal ($50 to $100 daily for ex.) without minimizing the number of your shares.

This is the Basic strategy, but still every member has got his personal strategy for his own as well as for his team applying which they’re producing excellent results and earning lots of money out of this program.


My Paying Ads Advantages

Apart from earnings, many advantages are there which you can benefit from this unique program.

Adding Funds amount is very Low

You can start your journey with My Paying Ads with an amount which is as little as $5 which is within the reach of everyone I suppose. Though I started my account with $30.

Low Cashout

The minimum cash out is $5 which is also very good in contrast to the other revshare companies that do not allow to cash out unless you reach a certain amount ($50 in most of the cases).

Maximum Cashout ($750) a Day

(MPA-2: Maximum Cashout allowed is $200 per Day)

The maximum pay-out is $750 per day which is really extremely high. You can not see any other revshare company which allows members to withdraw such a big amount. And believe me or not I’ve seen many proofs of payments ($750) in the Facebook Group everyday which is extremely inspiring and shows the potential of the program and the honesty of Admin of the company.

Different Payment Processors

(MPA-2: Payza, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, 2Pay4You and Bitcoin)

My Paying Ads supports various payment processors to make it easier for the members to withdraw from and add funds to their accounts.

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

Extremely fast processing of Payments

Another great thing about My Paying Ads is its fast payout processing. It takes less than 24 hours to reach your money to your Paypal account (my case). In the rarest cases it may take less than 48 hours.

Membership is Free

There is no membership fee. It’s absolutely Free to join. Just join the program for free and start purchasing ad packs and earn money on a regular and healthy basis.

(MPA-2: Membership Fee Added from 1st Sep, 2016)

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

Some other ways of earning:

Referral Commission

Apart from earning from ad packs there is also an opportunity to earn commission by referring people to the program. Every person you refer to the program through your affiliate link, you earn 10% commission on every purchase that your referral makes (not only cash purchase but every cash + re-purchase) which is an unique feature of My Paying Ads.

Paid-to-View Ads

Another easy way to earn some additional income from My Paying Ads is by viewing paid ads (though this earning is relatively very low). You just have to click the ads and wait for few seconds to get the earning credited to your account.


MPA-2 Facebook Group

MPA-2 has got an extremely Active FB Group with more than 54,000+ Members. You may join MPA-2 FB Group Here.


My Final Opinion on My Paying Ads Review

Is My Paying Ads Scam? My answer is “NO”. In fact this might be the most Legit revshare program you will find all across the web on today’s date. I’ve seen very good results within the couple of days of joining the program. And till date by applying my own strategy and planning I’m moving forward very steadily and my growth with My paying Ads is quite steady and healthy.

I will keep sharing my results and progress every alternate day here on my blog My Paying Ads Review. Please don’t forget to visit and watch them out.

If you have any query or if you need any help, please message me on Facebook or Feel free to comment below. I’ll try to reply back as early as possible.


►If you also want to be a part of My Paying Ads◄

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

(I’ve prepared a PDF Guide with my Strategy and all Important Video Tutorial Links. If you would like get it, please make a Comment asking for the Guide in the “Comment Section” below. I’ll send it to you as early as possible)

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

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  1. I find this article very accurate and useful but i still need courage to jump in this project can you help me with your PDF explanations and Tutorial Videos thanks a lot

  2. Hi,
    I have joined MPA under your referral based on your fine review above and have also sent you an email.
    Kindly respond asap, I don’t know what next to do as I have never done this before.

  3. Hello San, nice update on mypayingads. I would like to register but I will need the PDF guide and video tutorial link. Can you help me

  4. Hi Santam, I tried to register, but I got the following error: Duplicate IP address is not allowed to register. What that means? I have just one connection to internet in my home. Thank you for info in advance.

    • Hi Vladimir,

      You must have tried to sign up from the same computer (IP) before and somehow the MPA system recognized your IP. Try to clear your cache and cookies, and possible try to use a different browser to sign up again.

      If then also you get the same error msg, my suggestion is, just for once(to sign up only) use your friend’s computer or go to cyber cafe or use a Tab or mobile to sign up with a new email ID, new User ID and password. Once you sign up, you can then use your own computer to sign in and to do other tasks. Just try this.

      Thank you Vladimir

  5. I really like this post, am getting to know about this for the first time. I will make plans to join. I will also like to know about other genuine programs available

    • Hi Faith,

      Thanks for your comment. For your Info, another genuine program from the Owner of MPA is coming very soon. I will post about that on my blog here. Keep visiting.

      Thank you

    • Hi Ordu,

      Regardig BitCoin Walletanything will work.. ( Like BlockChain, Coinbase …. Etc )Please select coin payments and then it will show a btc address to send the bitcoins and then you can send coins using any btc wallet..(*) Bitcoin will be done Automatic ( Not Manually)

      MPA Introduced Coin-Payment:
      New Payment Processor Gateway Name is Coin Payments . It Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
      Providing easy to use checkout systems and shopping cart integration for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other altcoins.

      What is this ‘blockchain’ you talk about?
      The blockchain is a public ledger of all transactions in the Bitcoin network. allows you to navigate the bitcoin blockchain. We also operate Bitcoin’s largest and most secure wallet service.see also:

      Kindly go through the links

      Thank you

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    • Hi Gideon,

      MPA site is working fine. I’ve just checked it. May be due to some reason You’re not able to sign up. Please try to sign up after sometime or may be with different browser.

      Thanks again

  8. Hi i have signedup. Pls let me now whether there is need to verify any documents for withdrawal..or addingpayment processor id alone will do

    • Hi Mithra,

      No need to verify any document. Just update your profile inside your account. “Account Activity-> Profile”. That’s it. Good luck.

      Thank you

  9. Hi San,

    That was a very informative post. Thank you for that. It answered most of my questions, but I still have two questions that are holding me back from joining.

    I’ve been reading through the comments, and one in particular sticks out. Someone wanted to invest $2,000. That’s great! However, it only showed his profit as being just under $6 a day. I’m not understanding how that is exactly. Why so low?

    The second thing is, in playing with the calculator that you generously shared with us, what is the difference between the “Daily Profit Share Earnings” and the “Daily Profit”? And where does your Total Return go?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Michele,

      Thanks for commenting. In reply to your first query, $6 is not the profit… it’s the daily withdrawal he can make without losing active shares. That means he can withdraw $6 everyday and maintain his active adpacks to worth $2000 as and when they expire with the rest of the amount. If he withdrawas more than $6, a point may come when he will have to add fresh funds again to maintain his active shares to $2000 when the shares expire. Hope you got the point.

      Daily profit share earning means the entire daily earning from the shares you are making which you are eligible to withdraw. If you withdraw that entire amount, you may add new funds again to purchase new adpacks when your active shares expire. “Daily profit” is the amount you can withdraw daily without losing your active shares. For ex. your Daily profit share earning is $20 and your Daily profit is $5. Now you can withdraw $5 daily and keep rest $15 in your account. As soon as your active shares expire, you utilize that $15 to purchase new shares to maintain your active shares as before.

      Hope I could make the points clear to you.

      Thank you

  10. Hello,

    I’m trying to understand correctly how the rev shares work and have a couple of questions:
    If you have 200 Active adpacks (100 of Level-1 and 100 of Level-2), then you get $1800 of ROI after the shares mature (60 days)?
    You can also earn $4.38 a day or $130 a month besides the ROI?

    Thanks for your great review!

    • Hi Carlos,

      You are absolutely right. If you buy 200 adpacks (costing $1500) (100 adpacks of level-1 & 100 adpacks of Level-2) you get a return of $1800 after approx 60 days. But in this case after 60 days your 200 shares matures / expires and stops earning anymore.

      But if you take aside $4.38 everyday for withdrawal (not more than that), then you can utilize the rest of the amount to purchase new adpacks again as soon as your 200 adpacks expires. In this way you can maintain your 200 active adpacks all the time. So that you active adpacks keep on earning without stopping. At the same time you are eligible to withdraw $4.38 daily without affecting your active adpacks. And this is going to be a continuous process month after month.

      Hope you could understand my point. Let me know if you have any other query.

      Thanks again

      • Hello,

        Thank you very much for your quick answer. I do understand your point, and after doing some research, I decided that I’m joining MPA. I would like to join with your referral link, I just have 2 more questions, hope you don’t mind

        1. This might be a dumb question, but I have to confirm; Can I see the daily adds that I need to check in a mobile device?

        2. If I join through your referral link, would you give me back your referral commission on my first adpack purchase, so I can have an extra boost when I start on the business?
        I mean just for the first adpack purchase, It’ll help me a lot sir!

        Let me know what you think, thank you again for this review and your answers.

        Kind regards,

  11. Can I simply just say what a relief to uncover a person that really understands what they are talking about online. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people ought to read this and understand this side of the story.

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    that this write-up very compelled me to
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  13. Hi Santnam, I joined this program via your referral and tried to reach you via mail but seems you are busy. I have few queries before I can continue working in this.

    1) which is best Payment processor charging less transaction fees ?
    2) How much money we should invest initially to get best advantage of this business ?

    • Hi Mohit,

      1) You can go with any Payment processor as per your convenience. I am using Payza. The reason is It’s now easy to transfer money from Payza to any Indian Bank. They charge only INR 60 for transferring. (Though Payza charge 5% when you transfer money from Payza to MPA). Bitcoin is also very good. For Bitcoins I used UNOCOIN for other programs.

      2) I started MPA with $130. I’m not a Big player in Revshare industry. I’ve seen many people starting with $1000. But honestly I can’t take that much of risk and also I don’t have so much of money to invest. Also I lost few hundred dollars in some other revshare companies. So whatever it is, I started MPA with $130.

      Now it’s entirely up to you how much you will start with. It will be easier for you to estimate if you download the “MPA-2 Estimate Calculator” given above. Just change the “No of shares” column. You can get a rough estimate how much you can earn and withdraw daily. The download link is given above.

      Thank you Mohit

  14. hi..thanks for your info..i just joined with ur referral link..its not showing paypal as payment processor now. what other payment processor you suggest to buy adpacks?

    • Hi Bhavani,

      I’m using Payza. You can use any payment processors as per your convenience. Bitcoin is also good. But it’s up to your choice. I’m using Payza because it’s easy now to transfer money from payza to your Indian Bank account. They charge only Rs. 60.

      Thanks for commenting brother. Good Luck!

  15. Hello Admin,
    1st of all thank you so much for this useful and honest reviews. I want to know how much i can make if i buy a ad pack for $5? becuz i have lost more than $100 dollars in scrams. I finally wanna give a try in this system, can you please let me know? thank you

    • Hi Alwin,

      I’ve placed a green chart above. Kindly go through it. You will get an idea of how much you can get as a return. Normally MPA gives you 1%-2.5% daily return and ad-packs matures in approx 60 days.

      Thank you

    • Hi James,

      So far as I know MPA is registered in Singapore. But for the evidence you’ll have to contact the owner Uday Nara in FB Group.

      Thank you

  16. Hello, do you recommend for a college student such as myself to try this to make extra money? What’s the best way to start?

    • Hi Zane,

      Anyone can join as long as you’re allowed to use a Credit Card. Please do your own research before joining any revshare program.

      Thank you

  17. Hi Admin,
    I am a new member to MPA ,can you send me complete guide to buy ad pack in MPA .For example i want to buy 25 dollar ad pack of 25, so how much profit i will make in a month and how many extra ad pack i can buy within the mature date apart from my profit.
    Manasa Achar

  18. hi dear admin..

    I know there is no fix time for ads to mature. but according to current stats of site how much time does it take to mature adpack..

    plz guide..

  19. Is you support team working? I am having a problem with login to website. I update the email after I notice it was blank. I did not get email notification to activate my email. When I try to login I get “Confirm email account” error.
    Please help

    • Hi Fredrick,

      If you are not at all able to log in, then try to make a post on MPA FB group, or else you can PM (FB msg) to Tanzeel Zia (Admin of MPA). He is very helpful.

      Thank you

  20. Hello admin
    I just need to know if I invest 2000$ in mpa how much profit it can generate or what exactly is the amount that I can withdrawn?
    Can u please explain how it is calculated.

    • Hi Sumon,

      Thanks for your comment. You might have missed the above green Table “MPA Summary (New Plans)”. On the last line of the table your question has been clearly answered.


    • Dear Faisal,

      Thanks for commenting. Just do what I suggest, because I got my paypal seed back doing the same.

      You must be a member of MPA FB group. Just send a PM (Private Message) to Tanzeel Zia (Communication Executive, MPA) mentioning your MPA User Name, Account ID (You’ll find inside your MPA account) and ask him to send your Paypal seed money back to your account.

      It will take about a week or 10 days to complete the process.

      Thank Faisal

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for commenting. I repeat what I said, “After 95% of MPA funds got frozen by Paypal on 4th February 2016, MPA has re-launched its business again from ground level with new pay plans on 17th March 2016. And it’s really going good now (Updated on 17th March 2016).”

      I don’t see anything I said like that.


  21. Hey whats up man

    I think what paypal did to MPA and Trafficmonsoon was so unfair. But you can’t overcome the power of determination. Now all these two programs are coming up strong.

    I never was in MPA before, but i have seen the new pay plan and i think i’ll be joining the party very soon.

  22. Hi San,

    I hope you are well. I just signed up through your link. Can you please provide me a quick tutorial on how to purchase shares using the new interface?

    Thank you!

  23. Hi i invest $10 in mypayingads but now i checked my account,account is not showed,please solve my problem Admin.

    • Hi Srinivasa,

      Thanks for commenting. Please be informed that I am not an Admin of MPA or not holding any post of that level. I’m just as a member of MPA as you are. So this is not in my hand to solve your problem brother.


    • Hi clinton,

      Yes definitely you can join MPA now with PM account and add funds as soon as MPA starts accepting new funds with it’s new pay plans. You’ll get paid also. But how fast you’ll get paid entirely depends on the amount of Fresh funds getting into the program. In my opinion it will take time as MPA is going to start its business from zero level now after the seize of almost 95% of funds by Paypal. But I hope with the support of 100,000+ members it will take its pace very soon.

      I put $160 into MPA just before Paypal review started. Now there’s no chance to get the money back. And to be very honest I don’t intend to add more funds into MPA right now. I’m more concentrating on Triple Threat now as I’m getting amazing results from it.

      Thank you

  24. Do you know why it’s taking a while for them to approve my Facebook request to join? I wanted to take a look at how everyone’s doing so I know if I want to join or not but I haven’t been approved yet….

    Also, what is the strategy in order to max out the daily withdraw limit? How many active shares would I need or whatever so I can make $750/day to withdraw?

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • Hi Josh,

      Thanks for commenting. Unless you join MPA, it will not allow you to join its FB group. After joining only your sponsor will introduce you to the admin and then you will get approved to join the FB group.

      I’ve sent you (to the email you provided here) some links and attachments which will answer your queries.

      Thank you

    • Hi sk,

      Thanks for commenting. NO.. MPA is not closed now. As MPA is going through Paypal review, the process of Adding Funds as well as Withdrawing Funds is temporarily closed. The review process is going to finish within few days. As soon as the review process gets over, it will again come to its normal pace.

      In the mean time anyone can join MPA.


  25. Unfortunately I must say that MPA is not paying anymore. They claim to have some issues with PayPal and bla, bla. So why don’t they refund the money to members? I can show you a better and most profitable business. I’m making money with this. Please read this:

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for commenting. But I apologize for not being able to agree with you. MPA is on the last phase of Paypal review.. and I’m sure ( and 120,000+ members as well) once the review process gets over, MPA will come to its normal pace.

      Coming to your question “Why MAP is not refunding”…. 90%-95% of the entire fund is held by Paypal now… Until the review process gets over, this fund will remain with Paypal.. so it’s not possible to refund every member until review process gets over and Paypal releases the fund.

      More than 120,000+ members are having faith on the Transparency and the Honesty of Dr. Uday Nara. So I’m very much optimistic that MPA is going to get its normal pace within few days.

      So I have no plan to join any other program right now. You can get a link to Uday Nara’s latest update on Paypal Review process on my post

      And my best wishes to you for the business you’re in and which is making you money.

      Thank you

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