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Hi, my name is Santam Naha (San). I’m from India. I’ve been in the online marketing field for more than 6 years now. I’ve always been passionate and excited about online marketing and that was the reason I started looking for online opportunities.

When I started I didn’t have any idea about it. I started with some PTC sites but that did not last long. Then I shifted my focus to Affiliate Marketing. I spent a lot of money purchasing products and online guides. But miserably failed in the initial phase.

Then I started realizing that it’s not that easy to get success in online marketing as I thought it would be. You must have a proper guidance and a solid mindset if you really want to get success in it.

At that point I realized the need of proper Training / Guidance from someone who has already been successful in this field. I started reaching out to a lot of successful marketers, started talking to them and finally found Two persons whom I started to follow. Both are extremely successful six figure marketers and product creators of Warrior Plus. One is Billy Darr and another is Art Flair.

The best part of these two guys is, they are extremely kind and helpful. I’m really fortunate to be in touch with them and to have their helpful tips and guide along the way. Whatever I’ve learnt and have been learning is from these two great marketers. Finally I enrolled myself as a student of Billy Darr. And took a complete training from him on Affiliate Marketing which helped me a lot in my online journey.

(Just to be transparent here’s the proof/ transaction details [from my Paypal account] of Enrollment/ Coaching Fees that I’ve paid to my Mentor, Billy Darr in two installments in 2015).


I did a lot of mistakes initially. The major mistake I did (which most of the newbies tend to do) was I focused on too many things together at one time and kept jumping from one to another which finally ended up yielding Zero results and which was enough to make me extremely frustrated.

This was the lesson I learned in the initial phase. So even after going through a lot of ups & downs and frustrations and after facing a lot of failures I did not give up. I kept on trying, kept on testing, kept on learning and taking actions until I saw success. Still a long way to go. All I can say is, my online journey is going pretty good now.

Lessons I learned:

 Focus on one thing at a time and give your 100% to it.

► Follow one or two persons who are already successful in your field. Follow their every step. This minimizes your chances of committing mistakes and minimizes the chances of failure.

► Take Action. Don’t just learn. Learning is not enough until you take action.

► Do NOT give up until you see success.

Keeping all these learning in mind I started this Blog so that I can put forward my Honest Reviews, my learning experience to my Readers. I have always tried and will always try to be as Honest as possible while giving my Reviews. My Blog primarily focuses on:

  • Online Earning Opportunities.
  • Online Money making program reviews.
  • Tech Reviews.
  • SEO Tips & Tricks and
  • Little bit of Cryptocurrency Talks.

Currently I’m involved in Creating Niche/Micro-Niche Websites, Affiliate & CPA Marketing and of-course Blogging.

(Update: 26th July, 2016) I’m happy and excited today because I’ve got my First Badge from Warrior Plus (Top 25% Affiliate Badge).

W+ Badge

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