Electroneum Mobile Mining – My NON STOP ETN Mining Results

Electroneum Mobile Mining – Using my two very Ordinary Android Mobile Phones I’ve mined 20 Electroneum Coins (ETN) in 36 hours.

Electroneum Mobile Mining

I’m coming into the details of that in just a bit. But before discussing How to mine Electroneum on Android Mobile phones, I would like to touch a bit about the coin Electroneum.

I couldn’t take part in the ICO phase of Electroneum. But after a couple of months I purchased about 50k ETN coins from the exchanges. Why I purchased Electroneum is that

  • I truly believe in the project of ETN.
  • I believe in the vision of the CEO of Electroneum, Richard Ells.
  • The entire team of ETN is working extremely hard to make this project a great success.
  • ETN has got an excellent marketing team.
  • Lastly I truly believe that Electroneum will be adopted by the billions of people all over the world and everyone will see the real value and potential of this coin.

Few Major points to mention about Electroneum:

  • Electroneum is a Mobile Cryptocurrency.
  • ETN is designed for Mass Adoption.
  • Application based mobile mining is enabled.
  • Instant Payment system has been integrated.
  • ETN is aiming to provide a digital payment solution especially to the developing countries.
  • Electroneum has already 2,328,920+ registered users (Growing every day).
  • 120,000+ people are mining ETN using their Android phones.

I’m not going into the details of the technical part or the Technology of ETN. You may find all these information from the official website of Electroneum / from the social media or many other authentic resources.

Some extremely Relevant questions / Misconceptions regarding Electroneum Mobile Mining:

Q-1: Does my Android phone get overheated by mining Electroneum?

► Absolutely NO.

Q-2: Does my phone battery get drained fast?

► A big NO.

Q-3: Does the CPU of my mobile phone get damaged due to Electroneum Mobile Mining?

► The answer is again NO.

Q-4: Does ETN mining affect my phone’s performance / Is my phone running SLOW due to Electroneum Mobile Mining?

► Absolutely NOT.

Q-5: How much DATA of my internet connection is spent on Electroneum Mobile Mining?

► Minimum to NO Data is consumed.

To the best of my Honesty and based on my real experience I’ve answered the above questions. As you know Electroneum Mobile Mining is NOT a real mobile mining. It’s just a SIMULATION of Mining.

  • It doesn’t at all engage your phone’s CPU to mine the coins.
  • Nor does it drain your phone’s battery or overheat the battery.
  • It doesn’t at all affect the performance of your mobile phone.

What kind of phones I’m using for Electroneum Mobile Mining?

It was really foolish of me that I had some misconceptions (as I stated above) regarding Electroneum Mobile Mining until I started mining it on my own mobile.

Just few days back one of my FB friends showed me that he mined more than 10k Electroneum using his 4-5 mobile phones in last 7 months or so. That, in fact intrigued me, why I shouldn’t mine Electroneum on my phone.

Setting all the misconceptions aside just a couple of days back I started mining Electroneum on my two very Ordinary Android Mobile phones. Both the phones are of same model having same features:

  • OS: Android Lollipop – 5.1
  • CPU Type: Cortex-A7 MediaTek MT6735P – 64 bit
  • CPU Core: Quad Core (1.00 GHz)
  • ROM: 8 GB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Battery: 2500 mAh

I have Internet connection on one mobile. I connected the other one with the first one via Wi-Fi. Both of my phones run on a single internet connection.

Results of my Electroneum Mobile Mining:

Q. How many ETN Coins am I getting through Mobile Mining?

I started mining with both of my phones together. (Note: I created two separate accounts. One is mine and the other is in my father’s name using two different gmail accounts – email IDs).

I log in to one account using my email ID and I use my father’s email ID for logging in to the second account.

Q. How long did I mine?

I mined with both the mobile phones for 36 hours (non-stop). And the result is,

  • On my first mobile I mined 9.94 ETNs.
  • and on my second mobile I mined 10.18 ETNs. So almost 20 ETNs from 36 hours of Non-stop mining.

I am getting a hash power of more than 30 H/s on both the phones. After every 6-7 hours I stop the miner for a minute. And start it again just to make sure that the miner doesn’t get stuck.

☻ On an average I’m getting 5-6 ETNs per phone from 24 hours of non-stop mobile mining. That means 10-12 Electroneum Coins in 24 hours using two phones.

Will I continue “Electroneum Mobile Mining” on my phones?

YES… Definitely.  I am going to mine 24/7 non-stop. The reasons are:

  • My phone batteries are not draining at all. I hardly find any difference.
  • My phones are not getting overheated at all.
  • Performances of my Android phones are not at all getting affected or getting slower.
  • It doesn’t consume DATA of my internet connection.
  • To be very honest, I literally forget that Electroneum Mobile Mining is running in the background of my phones.

Electroneum Mobile Mining

As you can see the screenshots of my two phones above.

► The first one is showing 9.94 ETNs have been mined.

► And the second phone is showing 0.25 ETNs. This is because, as soon as your mined Electroneum reaches 10 ETNs, it gets transferred to your wallet automatically. And this process goes on.

► You can see below 10.18 ETNs have been transferred to my wallet.

(I will update the status of my mining every week or every couple of weeks) Home

Electroneum Mobile Mining

How much ($) shall I make by Electroneum Mobile Mining?

My argument is very clear:

1. If my phone performance and my phone battery as well as my mobile data do not get affected at all by mining Electroneum on my mobile, then why shouldn’t I mine?

2. Secondly if you look at the current price of ETN, you may get discouraged. But my point is, if I continue mining ETN on my two phones for about a year, I may gather a handsome amount of ETNs. And who knows, may be after a year the price of Electroneum reaches $1 or beyond (which I am pretty sure about, because I truly believe in the project).

3. So I will never mind continuing mining Electroneum on my phones in the background completely unnoticed.

Now Let me discuss a bit on…

How to Mine Electroneum on your Android Mobile?

First STEP – Creating an Account:

► Go to the Sign-Up page of the Official Website of Electroneum HERE (Not my Referral Link).

► Click on “Create Account” button and follow the Step-by-Step on page Instructions.



Second STEP – Installing the Miner App:

I will suggest NOT to go straight to the ‘Google Play Store’ to install ETN Mobile Miner App. The reason is, if you go straight to ‘Google play store’ and search for ‘Electroneum mobile miner’, you will see plenty of FAKE ETN miner app there. If by mistake you choose a FAKE one, you may end up losing all your mined ETNs at the end.

So always go to the Official Website of Electroneum (Not my Referral Link)There you will see an option of ‘Google Play Store’. Click on that. You will be taken straight to the Authentic and Official ‘Electroneum Miner App’ in ‘Google Play Store’. Now Install the app.

Electroneum Mobile Mining

► After successful Installation of the app, Run the app. You will be asked to authorize your device. Just follow the steps as it appears.

Once the App loads Up, Click on the “START MINING” button.

Electroneum Mobile Mining

Remember, the Wallet may take 24 hours to get activated. Do not worry about that. You may continue mining.

► If you click on the “MORE” button on the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will get to see many options like choosing languages. (There are more than 20 languages to choose from).

Referral Program. If you click on the Referral Program, you will get to see an option to enter the ‘Referral CODE’ of the person who referred you to join and mine Electroneum.

Electroneum Mobile Mining

You may (or may not) enter my CODE there. My CODE is: 33CAB2

► Following are some details of the referral program.

Electroneum Mobile Mining

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Conclusion: Should you start Electroneum Mobile Mining?

As I said above, there are two simple options:

You may NOT choose to mine Electroneum on your Mobile phone.

► or you may let your Android Mobile phone mine Electroneum in the background without hampering the performance of your phone in any way.

The choice is yours…

Hope you’ve liked what I’ve shared above on Electroneum Mobile Mining. If yes, please share by clicking anyone of the below share buttons… Thank you…!

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