Elite Earners Club Review – YES or NO? – EEC Review – Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime

Elite Earners Club Review – YES or NO?… I’ll definitely answer this question, but before that let me share with you every detail of this Program. As we all are aware of the fact that investing in any online program involves certain amount of risk. But our intention is always to find out few programs where the risk involved is minimum.

I’m very much skeptical about joining a new program and I do a lot of research before joining a Program. Elite Earners Club (EEC) is my third program that I’ve joined after My Paying Ads (MPA) and My Paying Crypto Ads (MPCA). Let’s get into the details of Elite Earners Club.

► After facing a massive loss of 8.5 million dollars on the 19th week, EEC could not recover it. And finally EEC decided that it will no longer continue it’s business. Members who are not in profit (like me) may get their seed money back, but I’m not sure. I invested $800 and Did not withdraw a single dollar. Here’s the last update by Tamoor Tariq ◄

► Until this incident happened, no one (who knew Tamoor for long time in the industry) even imagined that Tamoor Tariq could have ended the EEC episode in this manner. So this is going to be the biggest lesson for everyone including myself which again proved that “anything can happen in the online industry” ◄

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review - Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review - Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime

Elite Earners Club Review: About the Owner

The owner of Elite Earners Club is Tamoor Tariq from Pakistan. I know him on the FB platform forElite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review about a year. Everyone who has been in the online marketing field (especially in Revshare / Trading field) knows Tamoor to be one of the brutally honest, transparent and straight forward guys in the Industry. He never steps back from telling the truth. He is a kind of person who likes to call a spade a spade.

Okay, let’s see how Elite Earners Club works.

Elite Earners Club Review – How Will You Make Money from This Program?

Elite Earners Club is basically a Forex Trading Program launched on 7th November, 2016. You invest your money in the program. Tamoor who himself is an experienced forex trader and his experienced Team use their expertise and trade that money in Forex trading and return you back 10% – 15% weekly profit for Lifetime (Only on Fridays). This is the main concept of the program.

Let’s take an Example:

Suppose you have invested $1,000. Just after a week you will get 10% of $1,000. Again after one week you will get 10% of $1,000 and so on.

Now if you invest $10,000 or more, you will fall under Tier-2 and you will get a weekly profit of 15% in a similar manner.

Elite Earners Club has Two Tiers / Plans to join which I’ve discussed below.

Elite Earners Club Plans or Tiers:

Elite Earners Club has Two Tiers to join depending on the amount you want to start with.

Tier 1:

  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Maximum Investment: $10,000
  • Weekly profit: Up-to 10% per week

Tier 2:

  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Maximum Investment: $1,00,000
  • Weekly profit: Up-to 15% per week

Note: Your deposited amount will be locked for 10 weeks and after that you may withdraw your deposited amount also.

Elite Earners Club Review – Withdrawal / Compounding Methods:

Elite Earners Club has three types of withdrawal / compounding methods which you have to select at the time of joining. You may change this option at any time later.

Withdrawal Method: Choose this Option if you wish your weekly profits to be transferred every week directly in to your Bitcoin wallet or Perfect Money wallet depending on which processor you choose.

50% Compounding: Choose this Option if you wish 50% of your weekly profit to be transferred every week to your Bitcoin wallet or Perfect Money wallet and 50% to be added back to your last week’s deposit so that from the next week onwards your weekly profit is calculated as per your new total.

100% Compounding: Choose this Option if you wish 100% of your weekly profit to be added back to your last week’s deposit so that from the next week onward your weekly profit is calculated as per your new total.

(You may change your withdrawal method at any time for any week.)

My Deposits:

► I joined Elite Earners Club on 3rd Feb, 2017 with $200 and with 100% Compounding Method via Bitcoins.

► Again on 17th Feb, 2017 I added another fresh $100 to my account.

► I deposited another fresh $500 on 3rd March, 2017 to my account.

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review - Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime

My Account as on 17th March, 2017: (End of 6th Week)

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review - Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review - Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime



My Strategy (Strategy – I):

I’ve made this Strategy / Calculation based on the assumption that you’ve started EEC by depositing $400 and with 100% Compounding Method. So every week 10% of your Total Deposit will be added back to your previous week’s deposit. So as per the calculation below:

If you switch to Withdrawal Method just after 17th week, $202 (10% of $2,022) will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet every week thereafter (i.e. $202 x 4 = $808 every month).

 ► If you switch to Withdrawal Method just after 22nd week, $325 (10% of $3,256) will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet every week thereafter (i.e. $325 x 4 = $1,300 every month).

If I switch to Withdrawal Method just after 27th week, $524 (10% of $5,244) will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet every week thereafter (i.e. $524 x 4 = $2,096 every month) and so on.

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review - Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime

 Strategy – II (Low Risk Strategy):

This is the Low Risk Strategy. You can deposit any amount you want to start with (Minimum is $100), but as I’ve prepared the calculation on a deposit of $400, let me assume that you’ve started with $400.

► Deposit $400 with Withdrawal Method (Not Compounding Method).

► From the 2nd week and thereafter you’ll get $40 (10% of $400) transferred to your wallet (every week).

► So at the end of 10th week you get a total of $400 already transferred to your wallet (i.e. you’ve got your seed money back).

► Now you switch to Compounding Method (100% or 50% compounding whichever you like) and start following the above strategy (i.e. Strategy – I).

How to Join Elite Earners Club?

There are two Payment processors you may choose right now. One is Bitcoin and other is Perfect Money. Since Bitcoin deposit is Automatic, I personally prefer Bitcoins over Perfect Money.

Once you click on the Sign Up button you will be landed on the sign up page. Here you will have to enter your correct information.

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review - Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime

1 – Enter your First Name

2 – Enter your Last Name

3 – Enter your Email ID

4 – Select your preferred Exchange Method (Withdrawal / Compounding 100% / Compounding 50%) as I discussed above.

5 – If you’re using Bitcoins, Enter your Bitcoin Wallet Address. If you’re using Perfect Money then Enter your Perfect Money Processor ID.

6 – Enter Password.

7 – Re-enter Password

Now Click on “SIGN UP” button. You’ll get an email with an Activation Link (Please check your Spam folder also). Open the email and click on the activation link. That’s it.

How to Deposit via Bitcoins:

This is very important. Deposits are open only on Weekends for 36 hours. Normally Saturday and Sunday. Tamoor announces in the FB group as soon as the deposits are open. So you need to deposit within 36 hours of opening of the deposits.

► Click here for the Step-By-Step Guide on How to Deposit via Bitcoins ◄

How to Deposit via Perfect Money:

Perfect Money Deposits are manual. You can send your deposit by sending Funds to Account: U12880673 and immediately send an email from your registered email ID to [email protected] exactly in the following format:

► Deposit Amount:

► Batch ID: Text Format

► Screenshot of Payment:

Your deposit will be confirmed and credited to your EEC account within 48 hours of deposit.

Elite Earners Club: Referral Plan

Referral commission is not fixed because EEC Does Not pay it out of the fresh deposits. Commission % always depends on how much the trader manages to make for EEC in a particular week. It could be anywhere between 5% to as low as 1-2%.

Referral commission is always paid on the weekends. If your referral has made a deposit on weekends, expect your referral commission to be paid on the next coming Saturday/Sunday.

Referral commission is only applicable to those who are PAID members of Elite Earners Club. UNPAID members shouldn’t be claiming any referral bonus.

EEC Facebook Group:

EEC has a Closed FB Group. If you decide to join Elite Earners Club, I highly recommend you to join EEC FB Group, because all the updates are conveyed via Facebook Group.

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review

Conclusion: Elite Earners Club Review – YES or NO?

Based on the Transparency of the owner of the program and the Trust I have in Tammor Tariq (the owner of EEC), my answer is “YES”.

If you Decide to Deposit and Start, then only Join please.

Send me a mail to [email protected] with a subject line “EEC” and ask for the joining link.

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review

Elite Earners Club Review - YES or NO? - EEC Review

Note: What I’ve shared here is entirely my opinion and my results. Please do your due diligence before joining any online program. Investing in Forex trading is subject to market risks.

That’s all about Elite Earners Club Review / EEC ReviewIf you liked the Review, please share with your friends.

78 Comments on “Elite Earners Club Review – YES or NO? – EEC Review – Earn 10%-15% Weekly Profit For Lifetime”

  1. I too was taken by Tamoor. My question is are you officially calling Your EEC investment a loss or do you have some hope some money will be returned?
    Also, are you investing in anything new as EEC gone now MPA / MPCA having their problems. Is there something that seems good to invest in?
    Thanks for your blog.

    1. Hi Pieter,

      Thanks for your comment… I’m not having any further hope of getting refund from EEC… So it was a loss… and the most disappointing is that everyone’s trust has been betrayed.

      Yes, MPA/MPCA is in trouble… But I still hope that Uday Nara will surely come up with a solution… He is not going to give up so easily… It’s my opinion about MPA/MPCA.

      Honestly speaking I’m feeling really afraid of recommending any program to anyone right now especially the EEC scam… I’ve decided better not to recommend any program to anyone, But put my results regarding any program I join next… Regarding the program I’m going to join is TAT (The Ads Team). It’s completely my choice and decision to join TAT… I will make a post regarding that very very soon.

      Thanks again Pieter

  2. Sam why did you get yourself linked to a known Criminal? You disappointed me! You said tamoor is honest and you trust him and I invested my savings. Now its a different story. Always make sure about a person before you endorse him or her.

    Am feeling bad now.

    1. Hi Priceless,

      Believe me… Thousands of people who joined Tamoor’s program did not have the slightest clue that Tamoor could turn out to be a scammer… If you’re active in FB then you can see the real picture… Each and everyone who knew Tamoor for years, knows him as an extremely honest guy… Tamoor had that kind of reputation in the industry…

      But this was a burning lesson How greed and money can change a person altogether… Not only me but everyone is extremely sad and disappointed that their Trust has been betrayed…

      Thank you Priceless

  3. Hello,
    I registered using your link and I got the verification email but that link is not clickable. Is this site functioning properly?

    1. Hi ajanthi,

      Please try to join when EEC starts taking new deposits. As you know EEC has not started it’s normal operation yet. They will start paying out their existing members first from 12th of May, 2017 and only after they pay every existing member their invested money , they will start taking new deposits and will start accepting new members. This may take few more weeks. So until then please wait. I will update as soon as the normal process starts in EEC.

      Thank you

  4. Hi
    My name sahadevan I deposit first time 100 dollar second time 100 dollar I receive 4 weeks profit only then last 2 week haven’t receive money what happened why never send me profit money please help me thanks

  5. Thank you for the update, I have read the update you sent to my mail and I am convinced things will be fine. I wish us all all the best.

  6. I tried to login to my account but eliteearners is no longer opening, could this be the end of the road? The truth is I am not on Facebook so I might not be current on all the happenings but I am aware of the setbacks with the club but the fact that the club is no longer online is a source of concern cos the setbacks not withstanding even if no withdrawals yet we should be able to access our accounts if is really not the end of the road cos I invested with Forex50Investment and this was how they just shut down one day so I am disturbed and I believe you will say the truth the way it is.

    1. Hi Pretei,

      Since I’m in the EEC FB group, I’m aware of what’s going on inside EEC… it will take 4 to 6 weeks to recover the loss that EEC faced last week and will start paying out the existing members.

      Only after the existing members are paid their seed money first, EEC will start it’s normal operation again… This is what Tamoor has announced.. and I trust him… I’ve also sent you the latest update to your inbox.

      Thank you

  7. Hii Santnam,
    I have signup with EEC two times from different email id’s but i am unable to get the verification request from EEC support. How to get account verified till now no email from EEC support.

  8. Hello, please can you update me on this EEC, i sign up 3 weeks ago but i have only received payment once, last Friday i was not paid and there is no explanation for that and when i will receive my payment, please help me out

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Last Friday there were NO payouts… How come you got paid last Friday…? And since you’re an EEC member I hope you are in the EEC FB group… So if you say there is no explanation… I’m not going to believe it… Because I’m also an active member of EEC and I’m aware of every detail on what’s going on inside EEC.

      Thank you

  9. Are you always this honest and a straight shooter?
    I want to assume that Tamoor is also honest and one to do biz with.
    Please, how do I go about Bitcoin wallet from the start?

    1. Hi,

      I leave it to the readers of my Blog to decide what kind of a shooter I am… Regarding your second query, please wait for at lease next 4 to 6 weeks for EEC to start its normal operation.

      Thank you

      1. Hi,
        Ok. Hope you wouldn’t mind sending an email to inform me when the EEC starts normal operations.
        Thank you Santam.

  10. Thanks for the update. But please i want you to help me out. I registered in the eliteearners.club and made a deposit of $100 on the 18th of March (this month) 2017. All details of my payment was sent to the email address displayed to sent payment details. Till this moment, on my dash board, the payment has not reflected and there has not been any response to the Mail i sent. Pls kindly help me out. my email address is :[email protected], Name :Madu Udochi, phone no :xxxxxxxxx, my sponsor is – xxxxx i have tried severally to reach him he is not responding. Thank for your kind assistance.

    1. Hi Madu,

      Thanks for your comment… and sorry because I’ve edited some of your personal information which should not be displayed publicly.

      Coming to your query… I’ve received your email too that you’ve sent to me… You have sent your Payment details to a wrong email id and that’s the reason you did not get any response… I’ve sent you a mail explaining everything in detail what needs to be done… Please check your inbox.

      Thank you

  11. Hi San
    I will really like to join the EEC under you, what are the procedures? i was also happy to hear that Tamoor Tariq has started generating an Insurance Fund to protect EEC members’ Investment secure in case of emergency as you said in one of your replies. That is very good step, I will also like you to protect our interest as our upline or guilder to ensure that he (Mr Tamoor) meant what he said and said what he meant, Just for the long life of the club. Thanks

    1. Hi Poorna,

      Thanks for your comment… No one can predict and guarantee the lifetime of any online program… Some may differ with my view… but I don’t give guarantee to anyone regarding any online program no matter how strong the program is going… Online programs are all about taking calculated risks, taking decisions and taking the responsibilities of your own decision… Sorry if you do not like my view point… but this is truth.

      Than you

  12. Hello San,

    I have questions

    1. the investment is insured??
    2.what happens when any of weeks goes in loss by trading? Do we still get our 10%profit?

    1. Hi Ravi,

      1) Tamoor has started generating an Insurance Fund to protect EEC members’ Investment secure in case of emergency. Every week he separates certain amount of profits to add to the Insurance Fund. And he clearly shows in the weekly Trading Video report how much he has separated for the Insurance Fund for that week.

      2) Anything can happen in trading. Profit or loss. If trading goes in loss you won’t get the percentage of profits. But since the commencement of the company, trading did not go in loss for a single week. No one can give you guarantee in forex trading. In fact no one can give you guarantee in any online program.

      Thanks for visiting Ravi… Thank you

      1. Hello San,

        Thanks for ur reply.

        You said we will not get our 10 % profit if any one week goes in loss. What will happen to our principal amount?

        1. Hi Ravi,

          You can withdraw your principal amount after a lock-in period of 10 weeks from the date of deposit.

          Thank you

  13. Please how is the referral commission calculated and paid out to referrers
    Is it percentage based on how much my referral deposited when i referred to the investment which he or she deposited.
    Example if i referred MR A and he deposited $300 this week,will the percentage be given to me based on the amount that MR A deposited like 3% of $300 will be paid to me next week or what?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ayibatari,

      Yes you’re right… Referral % is not fixed.. Up to 5% depending on the extra profits company makes every week… And the example you have given is absolutely correct.

      Thank you

  14. Ok thanks Sir, but I’m still having a problem of lack of sponsor because nobody had ever inform me about the business. So in that case I’m confuse of whom to register under.
    Secondly, I don’t understand what perfect money and bitcoin is.

  15. Thanks for the explanations Sir, but now that nobody inform me about EEC, is it possible for me to join by myself? Or is it compulsory that someone should join under somebody?

    1. Hi Emma,

      You can join by yourself… But you need someone who will add you to the EEC secret group… It’s not a public group… Someone must get you joined there… And your sponsor can do that only… So joining under someone is required in that sense… Thanks

  16. Hi
    Can the exchange method be changed every week if i want to withdraw at any point in time instead of compounding it all the way

    1. Hi Ayibatari,

      Thanks for commenting… Yes, every week (from Monday to Thursday) an option is given in your back-office to change your exchange method. This option becomes disabled from Friday to Sunday. So every week you get a chance to change your exchange method.

      Thank you

  17. Hi, in EEC how many weeks is the longest I can be in 100% compounding cos I started with a $1,000 and I am on week 7 now, can I do 100% compounding for up to 50 to 60 weeks?
    Secondly is there a maximum withdrawal limit? If you hit a $1m and puts in for withdrawal is EEC able to process and pay out that on the Friday of the week of the request?
    Lastly I do want to have a meeting with Tamoor to discuss a business proposal one on one which I cannot do publicly so I need him to reach me via email so we can open line of communication please.

    1. Hi Pretei,

      Thanks for commenting…
      1) There is no such restriction yet regarding the maximum number of weeks you can compound.
      2) Again there is no limit (so far) regarding maximum withdrawal.
      3) For your rest of the queries you need to speak to Tamoor (which you intend to do) and for that you will need to join EEC FB private group (if you’re not already in) and contact Tamoor via PM or group post.

      Thanks again

  18. You did a very great job here brother. I intend adding EEC to my income streams as well. I just want to Max MPA first. It’s also good to see that you are a member of MyPayingAds. Great job on this review, very comprehensive.

    1. Hi Vincent,

      Nice to see you on my Blog too… And thanks a lot for your nice words… Waiting to see you in EEC… Keep visiting.

      Thank you

  19. dear admin:
    after first time deposit of minimum 100$ ,is it possible to deposit less then hundred i means 20,35,45 72 ,88 $ etc to the same account or every time when we make deposit it must be 100 ..i means 100,200,300 onward

    1. Hi Nawaz,

      Minimum Deposit is $100… No matter it’s your first time deposit or second time or third time… You can deposit anything above $100.

      Thank you

  20. Actually i wanted to know for how many weeks would u compound 100%?
    And after compounding would u withdraw 100% or 50% compound ?
    please help me

    1. Hi Kumar,

      It depends.. I will deposit another $400 toady… and my planning is to compound 100% for next 16 weeks… Then I will switch to Withdrawal Mode… At that point I will be withdrawing $374 / week ($1496 / month)… i.e. approx INR 1,00,000 per month… This is my planning… But I may change it if required.

      Thank you

  21. Hello Santam Sir
    I wanted to know which compounding strategy you are following.And would also like your personal view regarding it.please help me out.

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Thanks for commenting… If you look at the screen-shot of My Account above, it’s clearly showing “100% Compounding”… and whatever I’ve written in the post above is my personal view brother, Not anyone else’s.

      Thank you

  22. I read somewhere Tamoor Tariq is coming with some Insurance cover for their investors, do you know when he will coming to start this, Thanks

    1. Hi Paresh,

      Tamoor has already started generating the Insurance Fund to protect EEC in case of emergency. Every week he separates certain amount of profits to add to the Insurance Fund. And he clearly shows in the weekly Trading Video report how much he has separated for the I. Fund for that week.

      Thank you

    1. Not exactly… But you need someone who will add you to the secret group. It’s not a public group. Someone must get you joined there. So a sponsor is required in that sense… Thanks

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Will you be convinced by my words if I say that it’s legal / or it’s illegal..? I don’t think so… Whatever you earn (online or offline), Unless you disclose the source of your income in your Income Tax return it’s illegal.

      Regarding second part of your query, Every country has some Bitcoin wallets through which we can buy/sell/convert bitcoins. India has also got few very good bitcoin wallets.

      Thanks for visiting Sandy

  23. Hi San,

    Your vision is obsulutely useful to me and great explanation where everyone can understand without any query.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  24. Hi San. Thanks for a very detailed blog on the EEC. Just wanted to understand the part on joining the EEC FB Group. How do I do it if its a closed group? Can I join the FB Group even if I don’t sign up with EEC.

    1. Hi Pavan,

      Right now Tamoor is revealing weekly live trading videos in the group. In the near future every member will be able to see EEC’s Live Trading video 24/7. I think you missed the Transparency Policy section above.

      Thanks for visiting

  25. Sir, I have been searching for a comprehensive review about EEC…Thanks be to God, I found your blog site.

    Your blog content is always rich and well layout for anyone to understand…Thanks for your honest review and transparency!

    1. Hi Harrison,

      Thanks for your nice words. Yes I always try to provide my honest and genuine reviews. I’m happy that you liked my content. Keep visiting.

      Thanks again

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