Email Marketing for Beginners | A Super Easy and In-depth Analysis

Email Marketing for Beginners – A Super Easy and In-depth Analysis – is the topic that we’re going to dig into in this detailed article.

One of the most overlooked pieces of strategy and pieces of business-building technique is email marketing.

  • If you are aiming to grow your business
  • If you want to make sales on autopilot
  • And also if you need to be able to make money in a pinch or a crunch

Then you need to be diving deep into your email marketing strategy.

Email-Marketing-for-Beginners -A-Super-Easy-and-In-depth-Analysis

So today I’m going to talk about Email Marketing for Beginners from a beginner’s level. We’re going to talk about 

  • What it is? 
  • Why you need it?
  • Why it’s important?
  • And, how to do it?

All right!

So, What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to cultivate people who want and who should ideal for what you have to offer. And, then using email as a way to market your products or services and sell them.

Now, a few things you need to know. An email list is probably the most important thing you need in your business.

Beyond Instagram followers, beyond YouTube subscribers or Facebook followers, an email list is probably the most important thing you need. 

Here’s why the people on your email list have opted in to be there. They have taken more of a step than just hitting follow on Instagram.

They took a step ahead of just liking your page on Facebook. Also they have taken a step to say, I’m going to give this person my email address. 

And I know just as much as you know that people protect their email addresses these days because we don’t want a bunch of spam, right? 

Why people on your email list are precious? – Email Marketing for Beginners Guide

So the people on your list are more invested. They are more filtered as people that want what you’re selling because hopefully, the way they got on your email list is by purchasing or signing up for some kind of free thing.

Even that would only be helpful to someone who wants what you’re offering. So, for example, you want to attract people who want to homeschool. Because she’s trying to figure out what she’s doing with her children.

And, you have a program you want to sell to them. Maybe you put out a freebie on Pinterest or even run ads to it, or put it out on social media. That is like, the beginner’s guide to homeschooling.

It’s an entire PDF. And it’s going to tell them everything they need to know to get started, make the decision and figure out how to homeschool their children.

Okay? And it’s free. They can then give you their email address. And now they’re on your email list. 

And now down in the line, even in a couple of emails to come after they get on your list, you can pitch them your homeschooling course. Or another way to get them on the list is to go ahead and sell them something. 

Maybe you sell them a packet of things to get started with their homeschooling journey. And it’s $7 or it’s $12 or it’s $15 or $27 or something. 

They come into your email list already a customer. So when you have something else to offer homeschool moms, you have a whole group of people. 

Why an email list is more valuable than other Social Media followers? – Email Marketing for Beginners Guide

If you post on Instagram regularly and, you’re talking to homeschool moms, you could still have random people following you on Instagram. 

Your email list is a way for them to qualify themselves as people who would want your thing.

Does that make SENSE? 

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So not only is it full of people who are more invested, but it’s also full of more of the right people. And probably the most important thing is that it is a list of people who want to a part of your business and want to hear from you.

You do not own your blog traffic. You do not own your YouTube subscribers. If YouTube deemed that your channel was unfit, it could take it down. 

In that case, how do you have to get back in touch with those people? You don’t if you weren’t building an email list.

Anyway, if you did something to tick Instagram or Facebook off, your account can be down and they don’t have to tell your followers where you are now, right? 

So, your email list is the only TREASURE you have.

Your email list contains your people who are interested in hearing from you. Because if you want to download your email list and print it off and put it in your pocket, you can. 

And, you could like individually email those people later, or put them in auto-responder software for sending automated emails whenever you feel like.

Let’s move on to the next stage of Email Marketing for Beginners.

Advantages of having an Email List? 

It’s Quantifiable and Calculable

And just a quick little asterisk there. It’s also probably one of the few platforms that you can measure conversion rates from. 

With an email list, there are industry standards and there are ways to kind of figure out like, Hey, if I send an email every single month, I know I’m going to make this much money. 

If I grow my email list by this amount of people, I know I’m going to have this many more people sign up for my webinar or whatever. 

So it’s more quantifiable and more calculable to your sales and conversions and all of that.

So now let’s talk about the strategy.

Email Marketing Strategies? – Email Marketing for Beginners Guide

Having Software to host Email List

You have to have software to host your email list. A lot of times, people think that they need like a spreadsheet with email lists or email addresses in it. 

And then they will email those people from like Gmail. That is not what you’re going to do. 

You are going to have software that will automatically capture those email addresses and put them in a bank of people within the software.

So whenever you feel like sending an email, you can easily do that from within the software. 

So first and foremost, you need to pick software. Nowadays, a lot of software started free and that’s awesome. Some don’t, some are complicated, some are easy. 

Here is a list of software / tools you can check out and use:

Okay. So now that you have figured out the technology, let’s talk about the strategy behind Email Marketing or Email Marketing for Beginners whatever you call it. 

Let me give you the example that comes to the brains of most people. Did you ever get mail from a clothing company? It’s just a bunch of pictures. And it’s like a sale on jeans and a t-shirt. That is an email marketing campaign.

But that does NOT work. 

That strategy, that type of email marketing does not work for small business owners. 

Which Strategy works for Email Marketing? – Email Marketing for Beginners Guide

• Do not send photo-bombed promos:

You cannot send a bunch of photo-bombed promos to your email list and expect them to stay around and not unsubscribe. 

Now, if you are a product-based business, you can get away with this. More than if you’re offering any service or information, it’s still something you want to tiptoe around. 

• Do not pitch too much of sales:

You don’t need to constantly be abusing your email list with sales and ways that they can buy from you. Because they signed up as you gave them a helpful resource to get there. 

They signed up because they thought you could help them. So if all you’re doing is bombarding them with sales, they’re going to unsubscribe. And then you don’t have them anymore. 

And there you go. Your email list is the place that you need to take advantage of to nurture your people.

You should use your email list WISELY. 

And, that’s the sole and the most important advice of the Email Marketing for Beginners guide.

You need to use the emails from you as a way for them to get to know you on a deeper level before you try and push sales on them. 

80-20 Strategy in Email Marketing? – Email Marketing for Beginners Guide

With any type of marketing, you should always keep an 80-20 strategy. You need to give them helpful, free, substantial, nurturing information and content 80% of the time. 

And you need to sell 20% of the time. You don’t need to be selling 80 and giving helpful things 20. Because they will just dip out and leave. 

You should treat the people on your email list as if you are dating them. It would sound really weird. But, it’s a gem of advice for the Email Marketing for Beginners guide.

If someone introduced you and gave you their phone number, you could call them and date them.

And the first call if you ask them to marry you. That would be super strange and probably not something people want to do. 

That’s what it’s like when someone gives you their email address, you need to take them through a process of getting to know you, like you, and trust you before you sell to them. 

So, for example, anyone says, “Okay, take my phone number, call me sometime”. And you call and ask that person out on a date.

So after that day, asking them on another day. And then after that date, asking them on another and taking it slow. And then finally moving in together and then finally getting engaged and then finally getting married.


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Email marketing is not a fast track to sales. But once you have the system set up, it is a fast track to nurturing your people.

Getting them to know you, like you, and trust you. And then being able to sell 20% of the time.

What to write to your Email List? – Email Marketing for Beginners Guide

So if you say, “I do have an email list. I don’t know what to do with it. What should I do?” 

Email-Marketing-for-Beginners -A-Super-Easy-and-In-depth-Analysis

I would tell you, you need to write emails. Like you’re writing an email to a friend. They don’t need to be corporate emails. They don’t need to be loaded with photos.

You need to help them. You need to send them an email once a week. In those emails, you need to give them helpful information. 

That’s going to help them on their journey.

  • So, if they are people who are learning to homeschool, then send them information and ways that you can help them do that.
  • If they are people who are lovers of home decor, email them, teaching them something every week telling them a strategy for home decor.
  • Let’s say, if they are fashion lovers, send them emails where you have some awesome fashion resources. 
  • If you have an email list full of people who are CEOs of companies. And you offer strategy, then send them emails every week when you’re giving them information that will help them in their CEO journey for free. 

You DON’T need this to be a SALES TACTIC.

How often should you send emails to your Email List? – Email Marketing for Beginners Guide

It is a sales-stop tactic. But you don’t want it to be the only meat behind the email list, right? 

So again, send an email once a week. Make it helpful. And then once you’ve built a relationship with people then sell to them. 

So this might look like once they get on your email list, they came in through a freebie. 

They get a sequence of emails spaced out for a week or a couple of days. Let them get to know you. And then at the end, you pitch them your services or your product.

This might also look like building your email list and only sending out promo emails every few months or every six weeks or so. 

It can look different for every business, but you need to take the time to date those people on your email list.

So email marketing should not email full of photos that are just promoting your stuff.

It should be a way to nurture people, to get to know you better. And also to get to know your company better so that when you’re ready to sell to them, they are ready to buy. 

Email-Marketing-for-Beginners -A-Super-Easy-and-In-depth-Analysis

Conclusion: Email Marketing for Beginners Guide

Okay! To summarize, that’s really what you need to know about Email Marketing for beginners. 

  • You should know what software you should to use.
  • You need to know how to strategically get people on the list.
  • But, also what to do with them.

I hope you enjoyed the above piece of article on Email Marketing for Beginners. If you found some value in it, please don’t hesitate to share it on any of the social media platforms below.

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