How To Make a Conference Call on Avaya Phone? STEPS To Follow!

How To Make a Conference Call on Avaya Phone? It’s not complicated, but let us make it simple for you, as many people on the call may not have a speakerphone or other microphone.

How To Make a Conference Call on Avaya Phone

Steps – How To Make a Conference Call on Avaya Phone?:

  1. Go to internal mode and switch it off.
  2. Push the green phone icon to make a conference call.
  3. Press the phone icon on top of the screen to change the setting from speakerphone (the default setting for video calls and calls over the network) to headset-only mode.
  4. Press the blue phone icon that appears to add the next person you want on the call. That person will be notified by email or phone call and can join from their computer by pushing the video icon on their screen.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 above to add as many people as you want to hear from or speak to.

Setting Up a Conference Call – Avaya IP Office 96 Series Telephone

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Why do I need to put my phone in internal mode to make a conference call using it?

Your phone must be in the internal mode to make calls over the network. If you’re on a call as well, your phone will not receive calls due to privacy settings. For your phone to receive calls, it must be in internal mode.

The Avaya Solution

Avaya’s solution to this problem is web conferencing. When you go to a web page and click on a link, you are prompted for your phone’s PIN to connect securely over the internet. You can then either call your friend or share the link with them. This allows you to view on a computer or iPad what is happening in the conference room without needing to be there yourself.

What are Internal Mode and External Mode?

Internal Mode

Internal mode is a way of connecting multiple devices to the network. For example, if you have a server and 5 phones connected to it, you would need the server in internal mode. This would allow you to connect to the server from all 5 phones and share information over the network. This is called sharing files, images, documents, and such.

External mode

External mode is where the server has 1 device attached to it. In this case, you wouldn’t be able to connect from all 5 phones at once, only one or two at a time. You can still share files, but only one at a time. Internal mode allows you to share with all 5 phones at once if you wish.

1) Video

In external mode, you don’t have to change the setting of your phone to video. Video is the default setting for video calls and calls over the network. It can be turned off in internal mode without affecting anything on your phone (but we still recommend using video when possible for security reasons). For example, if you’re looking at a whiteboard on your computer and want to share it with another person, then you would need to turn off video mode to show them on the computer monitor.

2) Audio

You don’t need to change the setting on your phone to audio. This is the default setting and will not affect anything on your phone. If you are using conference rooms where you want to be able to hear each other, then it would be important that you have your phone audio disabled as well.

However, if you do need the ability to hear people in a conference room or video call in general, and they can hear you, then it’s best to turn off audio on your phone.

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3) Security

If you have to use the phone’s internal security setting to prevent people from listening in, then you will need to remember to turn on that setting on your computer. If you want security on your computer as well, then you’ll want to turn off the security settings on your phone.

4) Mobile Data

In external mode, mobile data is turned off and does not affect anything. If you are using your phone in a location that has Wi-Fi, then it’s best to have the mobile data turned off on your phone. Using Wi-Fi will prevent any of your phone’s data from being lost or stolen.

5) Bluetooth

If you need to use Bluetooth for local area networking, then it would be best to make sure Bluetooth is enabled for that purpose on both the computer and the phone.

You may get different results depending on your version of Avaya softphone and phone’s settings.

Securing the phone to avoid eavesdropping is one of the most important things you have to do when you’re setting up a call with another Avaya user. We recommend enabling all security features on the phone while in internal mode.

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Setting up a secure Avaya call is simple!

  1. Go to internal mode and switch it off.
  2. Push the green phone icon.
  3. Click on the button that says “Enable Secure Call”, located at the top of your screen next to the time in red when you’re in a call with another user.
  4. End your current call or hang up and re-dial the phone number you are calling from.
  5. Switch internal mode back on, and you’re ready to go.
  6. Push the green phone icon again.

Conclusion on How To Make a Conference Call on Avaya Phone?

The Avaya Softphone is a great piece of technology. It has many capabilities including the ability to make and receive calls, conference calls, video chat, view pictures, and documents on your screen, send files to & from your phone and computer via Bluetooth & Wi-Fi as well as play music from your computer on your phone’s speaker. The list goes on.

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