How To Make a Sales Video Internet Marketing? The EASIEST Way!

Every business has to sell their product or service if they want to stay in business, and the best way to do that is through sales video internet marketing. There are several ways that most entrepreneurs use, one of which is by making a sales video.

How To Make a Sales Video Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can be confusing and overwhelming for even experienced professionals. Making a sales video will help you get your business noticed.

Sales videos are not the same as training videos or product demonstration videos. You want to give the viewer a brief overview of your product or service so that they know what’s on offer.

If they like what they see, they’ll look further into it, read about it, and learn more about how it could benefit them.

The Benefits of a Sales Video Internet Marketing

Your sales video doesn’t have to be lengthy; it’s better to keep it short and sweet. If you spend too much time on your video, it will probably be tossed aside. There’s a good chance that the viewer won’t care about the details of your product or service. You want to focus on why they should get your product or service and how it will benefit them.

Some sales videos are produced in-house by a marketing department, but many people opt to work with a video production company. The best way to get value is by working with someone who has experience in sales and marketing, as well as videography and editing skills.

Although it’s possible to create a sales video by yourself, you’ll need to spend more time than you want to. You don’t want your video to be that messy or confusing. Remember that the purpose of your video is to get attention and ask for action or buy from you.

You need to have a clear message, focus on that message, and keep it simple.

What Do You Have to Include in Your Sales Video Internet Marketing?

How To Make a Sales Video Internet Marketing

As we mentioned above, you don’t want to spend too much time on your video. Your video should be focused so that your viewers can easily grasp what you’re offering without feeling confused. If they’re confused, then they’ll move onto something else. You want them to stay and watch the entire video from start to finish.

In your sales video, you need to include:


Who are you? What do you offer? What’s the point of your company?


This is where you describe to who your product or service can benefit. You can read a bit about your company to give the viewer a feel as to what they will be getting.


A great way to boost sales is by including testimonials in your video. You want to have a few people in the video that support your product or service. They should have nothing to do with the product or service, but they will give it credibility.

Product Demonstration

You can also have someone demonstrate the benefits of your service or product. Make sure you use this part to your advantage by making sure that it’s clear what you’re giving to customers and how they can benefit from your product or service.

Call To Action

This is where you get them to take action. This might mean ordering your product or service now, visit your website, or giving you their contact information.


The end of the video is important too. You need to leave your viewers with a strong impression that will lead them to take action and buy from you.

Call To Action again

In this part, you want to remind viewers what they learned through the video and what action they should take after watching it. This could be something like have them purchase your product or visit your site for more information.


You want to end the video with a call to action. This can be something like “Don’t forget to…” or “If you have any questions, contact us.”

You can add all of these things to your videos in a way that’s going to get your message across without being too overwhelming. The ending of the video will be the last thing viewers see and they won’t want to leave or hit and “X” button. It’s the last image they see that will stay with them – so make it count!

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What To Avoid While Making a Call To Action Video

How To Make a Sales Video Internet Marketing

Here are some tips on what NOT to do when creating a call-to-action video.

You DON’T want to do these things:

Putting in all of your information, watermarks, or links

This will cause viewers to turn off and hit the “X” button almost instantly. A better idea is to provide an email address for viewers who want more information. I use my email address so I can sleep at night.

Putting in weird things

Putting in weird things like “This is a sample” or “This is not a real video” or “I have no idea what this video is” in the title, description, or tags. You want to appear professional and trustworthy.

Don’t use the “Call To Action” in a way that makes the viewer click it immediately

You’ll lose your viewers if you don’t give them time to read more and then hit the “Call To Action” button.

Put in videos from other companies

Put in videos from other companies that are similar to yours, then tag them with a call to action so viewers can find out more information about them. You’ll scare potential customers away from your website by showing them similar websites. Your video should stand out on its own.

Don’t make your video too long

You don’t want to have videos that are too long, so they look messy and confusing. Keep it to a few minutes, no more than five at the most. If you have a product, consider hiring a company that specializes in the call to action videos – then you’ll get professional results!

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Don’t use your website name or logo in the video

Don’t use your website name or logo in the video when you’re asking viewers to visit your site or buy from you. You need to have a clear message in your video so they’ll get the idea that you’re offering something that involves your website.

Don’t create a video and then use it on every product or service

Don’t create a video and then use it on every product or service you have. This could cause problems down the road when you want to promote your website, products, or services and viewers will be turned off by seeing your video several times. Your video needs to be focused on what it is you’re offering and how it benefits viewers.

Don’t create a video as if you’re some kind of magician

Don’t create a video as if you’re some kind of magician that can make people love and buy your product or service. You need to be yourself and be confident that your message is clear, professional, and convincing.

Now that you’ve learned how to make a call to action video, maybe you’re wondering how to start. It’s simple.

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How to start making a call-to-action video?

  • Decide what it is you want people to do when they view your video – could it be purchasing, signing up for something, filling out a form? That’s up to you. Think about the type of person that will be viewing your video and decide what kind of action they’re going to take.
  • Decide what the problem is that your product or service solves. If you’re able to explain that in your video, then they’ll know exactly what they need.
  • Decide on your goal for the video – make it as professional as possible, or add some humor to lighten things up a bit. It’s really up to you.
  • Keep your message clear and don’t try to use too many words when saying something rather than tell the viewer your whole story, you should explain what they’ll get when they buy your product or service.
  • Make sure that you have a clear call to action that will make viewers act on what they just saw. It could be a button that says “Buy Now” or something else. The key is to make it clear and easy for people to respond.

With these tips, you’ll be able to create a call-to-action video in no time!

Just remember: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Final Thoughts on How To Make a Sales Video Internet Marketing?

When you sell on your website, it’s important to make sure you have videos on your website too. They can bring in more traffic because they give viewers an idea of what you do and how your product or service can benefit them. They also help make your Video stand out from the rest!

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