How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

If you’re struggling to make your First Dollar Online, then this guide is going to show you the easiest way to achieve that. “How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online” is one of my Case Studies or Guides based on my own experience which will show you the most realistic and the easiest way start your online journey. All you need is a gmail account and a Paypal Account.

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

The process I’m going to share with you might not earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars, but it will surely provide you with enough motivation to move ahead and stick to your online journey.

A year back I applied the same process and got pretty excellent results not in terms of money but in terms of motivation and encouragement which was enough to boost me to move ahead with positive thinking.

Okay, Let’s move on… (This guide doesn’t contain any affiliate link)

Internet Marketing: “Rule of Thumb”

  1.  Find a Problem that hundreds and thousands of people are having or suffering from and are trying to get rid of desperately.
  2.  Find a Solution to that Problem.
  3.  Find a Place where those people are searching for the solution to that problem.
  4.  Place your Solution in front of them…. BOOM… That’s It.

The entire Internet Marketing world is based on this “Rule of Thumb”.

So we’re going to do the same.

Find a Problem: We have to find a problem that thousands of people are searching solution to desperately.  If you want to stick to Online Marketing Field, the problems may be: How to generate Traffic to your website/ how to make money from CPA/ how to make money from youtube/ how to make money from Affiliate marketing/ how to generate traffic from various platforms like FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbler etc./ How to find profitable keywords/ how to create profitable blogs etc. etc. etc. Just try to narrow down the problem and target a small part or portion of it which we’ll be finding solution to.

Find a Solution: Search google to find the solution to that problem. Search various sites on that topic and gather information. You may also search for some high quality PLR sites like “” / “” etc. You can find high quality PLR products here. Gather some information about the topic/solution and Prepare a simple report on that. But remember your report should be informative and contain value in it.

Find a Place: We’re going to take advantage of the World’s one of the largest Internet Marketing Forum, Warrior Forum where Millions of people gather everyday to find information regarding making money online stuff.

This step is the Most Important. Place your Solution / Report in front of them as WSO, But keep the price $1. The advantage of making a $1 WSO is,

  1. People do not think too much before buying a $1 wso if your sales page is attractive and good enough to convince.
  2. You won’t have to prepare a high quality, fancy report for $1.
  3. It’s easy to sell a $1 wso as compared to a $7/ $10 wso.
  4. You can build a buyer’s list at the same time. The email ids you’re gathering are the paypal email ids of the buyers (not just any junk emails). These email addresses can be your asset for promoting your future offers to them.
  5. You won’t have to give any refund guarantee for a $1 wso.

As I said a year back I followed the same process and got the following kind of results (Two Screenshots from my Paypal Account). Not only I made some good Dollars, but also it helped me build a buyer’s list of more than 50. (I experimented by changing the price of the report from $1 to $4).

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

Shadow Bar

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

Sounds good..? Let’s move on…

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Steps To Follow: FIRST PART

It’s up to you what kind of problem you’re going to target and what solution / report you’re going to come up with. But remember, try to provide enough Value to your report. This is the key to success.

The report can be in MS-Word format or you may covert it into PDF. Once you have prepared your report, place it in your google drive.

Sign in to your gmail account

► Click on Drive

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► click on My Drive-> ‘Upload files…’ and upload the report.

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► Click on the report you uploaded-> click on share link Icon-> click on ‘Sharing Settings’

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► Copy the link and Paste it somewhere else for future use.

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online


► Log into your Paypal Account.

► Click on “Seller Preferences” under Selling Tools

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► Under My profile tab click on ‘Get Started’ (Create custom payment button)

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► Click on “Create new Button”

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► On the next screen do exactly what is in the Image

  1. Select Buy Now
  2. Give a Name of your Repoet
  3. Put 1 (i.e. price of your report, $1)
  4. Select 1st option “Merchant account ID”
  5. put your Paypal Email ID

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► Now at the bottom of the screen Click on Step 3 (Ignore Step 2)

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

Now on the next screen do as the Image says. (5)Paste here the link of your report in google drive that you’ve copied and pasted somewhere else in the last step of previous part.

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► Click on “Create Button”


► Now Click on the “Email” Tab and Copy the entire Button Link and Paste it somewhere for future use.


We’re almost done… Now


► Go to “” and open a Free account there and log-in to your account.

► Now go to this link to create your WSO sales page. You will be taken to the following screen.

(Search google for some sample Sales Page templates to get an idea what should be written to make the sales page more attractive. Or search youtube for ‘How to create WSO sales page. You will get tons of ideas. But remember to make your sales page as attractive as possible. Don’t forget to add some images on your sales page)

How To Make Money Online: Make Your First Dollar Online

► Now, Most Important Part. While creating the sales page Put the Link to your Paypal Button in the sales page twice or thrice.

► For that go to and click on images and on the search bar type “paypal button”


► Now select anyone of the Paypal button images as per your choice, Right click on it and copy the image address.


► Now go to WSO sales page creation page. Click on Image icon


► Now paste the above Image address in the URL box and click OK.


► Now you will get the following screen. Select the entire Image text and click on ‘Insert Link’ Icon


► Now (This is Important) you will Paste the Paypal Button Link (which you have created, copied and saved somewhere in a earlier step) in the URL Link box and click OK.


(At the time of creating the sales page Do this process twice or thrice and place the button link where ever you want to place the paypal button in your sales page. Normally better to put one after first paragraph, then at the middle of the sales page and at the end of the sales page)

► Now after you get satisfied by the design of your sales page by previewing the page (by clicking the preview button) Click on “CheckOut” Button


► It will take you to the below screen where you will have to pay $20 via Paypal for getting your WSO live. (Do not worry, If you have an attractive sales page and a good report, you will surely make double or triple or even more than this $20). Click on purchase button.


As soon as you pay $20, Warrior Forum will review your sales page and approve your WSO. And your WSO will occupy #1 spot in the WSO section (Normally it remains on the first page for two to three days). Now can you imagine, your WSO is in front of the eyes of thousands and thousands of people who are hungry about Online Marketing Stuff.

► As soon as your wso goes Live, you will notice that members have started commenting and posting queries on you wso page. Try to answer them as quickly as possible.

Now the moment someone clicks on the Paypal Buy button on your Sales page, he/ she will be taken to the Paypal payment page where he/ she will pay $1 and immediately he/ she will get redirected by Paypal to your Google Drive Report Page…. How cool is that..?


This was the exact process by which I got my first success on the very first attempt in my online journey which motivated me a lot to move further. Hope you enjoyed the guide. And I do hope you will take action and see the results for yourself.

If you liked the guide and if you have any suggestions, please do comment below.

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