My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads

In this section of My Paying Ads Guide I will show you a step-by-step process with screen shots on how to get started with MPA. I hope this guide will help you get a clear understanding to get started.

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads

► This Guide is about MPA-1. Do NOT follow this Guide for MPA-2 ◄

If you haven’t yet registered with MPA, then please register through a link provided by one who invites you to join so that you can get him as your sponsor. It’s always better to have a good sponsor so that you always get help and guidelines from your while moving forward with this program.

Always make sure at the time of registration that your sponsor’s ID and user name are there at the top. Fill out the fields with your necessary details such as First Name, Last Name, Email, User Name, Password, Country, Address and Phone number. And then enter the captcha, Check “I accept Terms and Conditions” and click on “Sign Up”.

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads


Important steps of My Paying Ads Guide

STEP 1: Updating your Member Profile

After successful registration log into your account using your user name and password.

Now click on the tab Member Tool -> Profile and complete your profile by entering your Payment processor and processor ID (e.g. Payza: email address, STP: username, Paypal: email address) for adding and withdrawing funds. (Paypal in my case) as below.

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads

Now Scroll down to “Change Security Details “and add your security question and answer.

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads

IMPORTANT: Note down your password and security question and answer somewhere as it may be required in future in case of any problem.


STEP 2: How to add Funds to your MPA account

Once you get registered now you can add funds to your account via your payment processor. The minimum funding amount is $5. But my advise is to fund a little more to get fast results. I started with $30.

To do that go to tab Finance-> Add Funds, enter the amount you wish to add, select payment processor and click preview. It will take you to the final preview screen and then click “Confirm Payment” to complete the funding process.

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads


STEP 3: How to Purchase Ad-packs

After Funding, go to tab Finance->Purchase Shares. To start with you will need to purchase shares valued $1 of Ad-Pack Plan 1. Enter number of shares you wish to purchase. Look at your Total balance and based on that purchase as many shares as possible (below image). Be sure to check “Use Re-Purchase Balance first” . Click on preview and complete the process.

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads



STEP 4: View or Surf 10 ads

Now your shares will start earning. To keep your share earning rolling you need to surf 10 ads every 24 hours. Look at the below image. When it says “You Are On Surf Free Mode!”, that means you’ve successfully surfed 10 ads. When it says “You Are Yet To Surf 10 Ads Today!”, it means now you have to surf 10 ads.

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads


STEP 5: How to check your Earnings

The moment you purchase shares, it starts earning. 30% goes to your cash earning and 70% goes to your re-purchase earning. Take a strategy at the initial phase that as soon as the total of your (cash+share) earning reaches $1, go back and purchase a share instead of withdrawing the cash earning. This will increase the number of your shares and you get the maximum and fast return. And keep on repeating the same process. (enter into your account and scroll down a bit and on the left hand side you’ll find your earnings).

My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with My Paying Ads


Hope you have enjoyed “My Paying Ads Guide: How to get started with MPA” and found it helpful. Please keep visiting for more updated guides.

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If you have any query or if you need any help, please message me on Facebook or Feel free to comment below. I’ll try to reply back as early as possible.


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  1. Useful information. Fortunate me I discovered your web site unintentionally, and I am shocked why this twist of fate did not took place earlier!

  2. Please if I first register with say 10usd and I wish to increase it to 50usd after some few weeks, is it really possible to do so

    1. Hi,

      Yes it’s possible by repurchasing… But with $10 start Cap you will be able to withdraw 2x of $10 i.e. $20.

      Thank you

    1. Hi Kingsolomon,

      A major change has been implemented in MPA. So I have to update the entire guide according to that. Once I do that I’ll send it to you.


  3. Hi,
    Nice article, but i am stuck at buying ad packs as when i selected payza for payment and added money in indian rupees at payza,i am unable to pay mpa since balance in payza account only reflects in INR not in dollar.

    1. Hi Ashish,

      First of all you have to fund your Payza account not in INR but in USD… At the time of funding your Payza account through Debit / Credit card.. there is an option to choose INR / USD… You have to choose USD. Then everything will work fine.

      Thank you

  4. I am Surf add or buying pack through mobile its working fine in mobile, but still i want to know Can we work in MPA Only through android mobile its legal.

    1. Hi Pranav,

      Yes.. you can work on MPA through your android phone. MPA site is Mobile friendly. But MPA does not have any Mobile App. Si if you see any MPA mobile app anywhere, Do not download it. Otherwise you may do MPA stuff on your mobile. No problem.

      Thank you

  5. Hi..I am very new to this PMA and i need to know how can transfer money to PMA to purchase ads. can u send me hep guide to my mail id.


  6. Sir what is the profit%

    If I’m invest 5$ in this website so what is the time it taken to give me amount of as it is 5$ and what time dose he take it

  7. Sir i want to start mpa. But i have one query. can we withdraw the earnings of MPA to our unocoin wallet directly. Also pls send the PDF guide.

    1. Hi Vinod,

      Yes you can withdraw from MPA directly to your UNOCOIN wallet… I’ve sen the guide to your inbox.

      Thank you

    1. Hi Jay,

      There is no need to convert INR to USD. When you link your Debit or Credit card to your payza account… at the time of funding your payza account there might be an option to choose INR / USD… Just choose USD… you money will be deposited in USD.

      Thank you

    1. Hi Sharmila,

      There are many ways that you can use to fund your Payza account. But the easiest way is to link your Credit Card or Debit Card to your Payza account and then fund your account.

      Thank you

        1. I sent you a mail couple of days ago asking about your user id. You did not reply.

          Whatever, Paypal is not associated with MPA. Please search google / youtube about “how to link Bank account with Payza” or ask the Payza support.

          Thank you

          1. I didn’t get that email, coz i have been checking my email. Can u please send the email again because i do have the account but dnt know how to put money on my account

  8. Good post Admin!
    I’m very interested in becoming your downline. Kindly send me the guide in both format ( especially PDF). Thank you.

    1. Hi Issam,

      I don’t think there is any option of changing sponsor after joined under someone. Still you may try by submitting a support ticket.

      Thanks Issam

  9. Hi sir,

    Can I change my wallet address in my paying ads processor id? I submitted a ticket in the support section but still my wallet address in coinpayment does not reset at all.. please I need help, I can’t withdraw my earnings because the wallet address is WRONG.

    1. Hi Rich,

      After logging into your account, on the left hand side, Go to “Account Activity” tab -> Profile. Now put your correct processor ID. You may also make that processor “preferred processor” by clicking on the Radio Button just next to the box. Now Scroll down a bit and click “Submit”.

      Please try this.

      Thank you

  10. Hey!!
    Is it possibly to change sponsors? I signed up under one that is no help at all. I have did anything or brought anything yet!

  11. Hi
    Can i use multiple payment processors like payza and coinpayment simultaneously adding fresh funds from both ways?
    Can I change with different IDs like coin payment unocoin and zebpay.or must I stick to any one of that?

    1. Hi Rauf,

      Yes you can, But you have to with your earning balance from that particular processor. That means.. If you add $100 via Payza and $50 via Bitcoins. Then you will have to withdraw the earnings of that $100 via Payza and the earnings of $50 via Bitcoins. You can not mix it up.

      Thank you

  12. Hello..please my questions are
    1) How do I view my earnings
    2) Must I fund the payza account before it starts functioning
    3) Is it Possible for Nigerians
    And finally
    Do they pay weekly or monthly

    1. Hi harmonycrystals1,

      Nice to see your questions putting together one by one….

      1) When you log into your MPA account, you’ll get to see your earnings under “Earning Balance”.
      2) Yes, you must Fund Payza first before you transfer money from Payza to MPA.
      3) I hope so. Try to sign up. If you’re allowed to sign up, then it will be clear that it’s possible for Nigerians.
      4) There is no rule regarding weekly or monthly payment in MPA. As soon as you make withdraw request, you get the withdrawn money in your Payza account within 24 hours.

      Hope I could answer to your queries.

      Thanks you

    1. Hi abdessamad,

      Payment processor ID of Payza is nothing but the Email address you’re using to log into your payza account.


    1. Hi Steve,

      There is no add funds feature in MPA2. You will have to purchase ad-credits (ads) via your processor.


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