My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara’s New Program MPCA Review

In this review I’m going to share with you what MPA owner Dr Uday Nara’s New Bitcoin Program “My Paying Crypto Ads” – MPCA is all about. I’m going to share with you all the Features of this program as well as my thoughts / opinion about this new program. So let’s get into My Paying Crypto Ads Review / MPCA Review.

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

My Paying Crypto Ads is Uday Nara’s second Revshare program after a successful journey of My Paying Ads (till date going strong). The Program has been launched on 28th October, 2016. As I’ve already mentioned in my MPA Review that Transparency and Honesty of the owner / admins of the program is all that enabled MPA to make such a successful journey so far. And this is the only reason behind the huge success of MPA.

Even after Paypal disaster in 2015, MPA came back even stronger than before and till date MPA did not miss a single payout / withdrawal. Each and every member of MPA has been / is being paid in time without any delay. Okay Let’s get into My Paying Crypto Ads Review and see what the program is all about.

But before that Let me tell you, I’ve joined My Paying Crypto Ads on 31st October, 2016 

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

Important Update Regarding MPA/MPCA (16th May, 2017)

My Paying Ads Review 2016: Is My Paying Ads Legit or Scam? My Honest Review and Strategy!

Note: “My Paying Crypto Ads” (MPCA) is not an investment or HYIP or Get-Rich Quick Program. Nor it’s an MLM or Matrix or Cycler or Currency Exchange or a Securities site.

My Paying Crypto Ads is an online advertising program. They sell advertising services. Some of it’s products / services include Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Traffic Exchange Ads, Paid-To-Click ads etc. You may use these services to advertise your Business / Program / Product to all members and visitors of MPCA.

It shares profits from every sale of product with all members who have purchased Ad Packs from MPCA. Revenue sharing is done until the members receive 120% earnings on their adpack purchases. Please note that this earnings depends on the sales of Adpacks. In principle, MPCA can not and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income opportunity.

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: About MPCA

Although the term “Crypto” is there in the name of the program, MPCA is NOT at all a “Crypto Currency Matrix Program”. It is completely a Revenue Share Program which is currently dealing with Bitcoins (BTC) only.

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

Kindly note that MPCA is NOT an investment or HYIP or Get-Rich Quick Program. Nor it is an MLM or Matrix or Cycler or Currency Exchange or Securities Program.

It is an online advertising program that sells advertising services. Some of its products / services include:

  • Banner ads
  • Text ads
  • Login ads
  • Traffic Exchange Ads
  • Cashlink ads etc.

You may use these services to advertise your Business / Program / Product to all members and visitors of our site. In principle, MPCA cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income opportunity.

About the Owner / Admins of the Program :

The same three persons / pillars of MPA are there behind My Paying Crypto Ads (MPCA). Uday Nara, Tanzeel Zia and Shaf Memon.

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: How MPCA Works

Earning Opportunity #1 :

Every member who has purchased Advertisement Packs from MPCA will get a share of profits from every product that MPCA sale. Revenue (profit) sharing is done until the members receive 120% earnings on their adpack purchases.

Please note that these earnings depend on the sales of all services and products that MPCA offer. In principle, MPCA cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income opportunity.

Earning Opportunity #2 :

As an incentive for promoting the services offered by My Paying Crypto Ads, it offers all its members up to:

  • 6% referral commissions on purchase of AdPacks or any other service by your referrals using their BTC Wallets, which goes straight to your “Leaders Commission” and which is 100% withdrawable at any time without any limit.
  • 6% Referrals commissions (Normal Commission) on every Re-purchases by your referrals thereafter using their earning balances.

Eligibility To Receive Profit Share :

  • You must first purchase Adpacks.
  • Then you MUST log into My Paying Crypto Ads account daily and surf at least 10 of MPCA’s members’ websites in the traffic exchange module.

Members will receive the revenue sharing rewards only when they qualify by surfing 10 ads everyday. Once a member becomes eligible, profit share will be distributed every 1 hour, if the site (MPCA) have received sales for that period. This is done automatically and will continue till the Adpacks expire / completes after receiving rewards of 120%. After the Adpacks expire, they will cease to earn further.

My Paying Crypto Ads “2x Withdrawal System”

From 8th of April, 2017 both My Paying Ads and My Paying Crypto Ads implemented a “2x Withdrawal System” for providing the program with a Long Term sustainability. “2x Withdrawal System” in MPCA works in the same way as it does in MPA.

How “2x Withdrawal System” works in MPCA:

Until 8th of April, 2017 all members were permitted to withdraw any amount no matter how much they put in to the system from their Payment Processors (BTC Wallets).

With the introduction and implementation of “2x Withdrawal System” now, members are allowed to withdraw 2x the amount they spend to purchase / re-purchase adpacks from their BTC Wallets and from their “Leaders Commission” as well (Not Normal Commissions).

Ad Packs will stop earning once you have withdrawn 2 times of your purchase from BTC wallet (“fresh funds”) or Leaders Commissions, until you have made a new purchase from your “BTC wallet” or from “Leaders commission”.

Purchases from “Leaders commission” will also be considered as purchases from payment processor (“fresh funds”) which will help increase your withdrawal limit.

Let’s take an Example:

Suppose you’ve spent 1 BTC from your BTC Wallet to purchase adpacks of any level, you become entitled to withdraw 2 BTC (2x of 1 BTC).

Suppose you’ve spent 0.5 BTC from your BTC Wallet and 0.5 BTC from “Leaders Commissions” to purchase adpacks (total 1 BTC), you become entitled to withdraw 2 BTC (2x of 1 BTC).

Suppose you’ve spent 1 BTC from your “Leaders Commissions” only to purchase adpacks, then also you become entitled to withdraw 2 BTC (2x of 1 BTC).

What is “Normal Commission” and what is “Leaders Commission”:

Any cash purchase (from BTC Wallet) made by your referrals, will entitle you to 6% commission rewards that will be allocated to your “Leader Commission”, and can be withdrawn 100% anytime (No Limit).

And any re-purchase of adpacks made by your referrals, will entitle you to 6% commission rewards that will be allocated to your “Normal Commission” (Non withdrawable. can be used to re-purchase adpacks only).

Details of AdPacks offered by MPCA :

Ad-Pack Plan 1:
–Cost of AdPack: 0.01 BTC
–Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 5,000
–Revenue Sharing Rewards: Upto 120% (Depends on Daily Ad Sales)
–No Compulsory Re-purchase rule
–Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
–For this plan, Membership is not required.

Ad-Pack Plan 2:
–Cost of AdPack: 0.03 BTC
–Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 10,000
–Revenue Sharing Rewards: Upto 120% (Depends on Daily Ad Sales)
–No Compulsory Re-purchase rule
–Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
–To purchase this plan, You need to purchase Coin Explorer monthly membership. The cost would be 0.02 BTC.

Ad-Pack Plan 3:
–Cost of AdPack: 0.05 BTC
–Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 25,000
–Revenue Sharing Rewards: Upto 120% (Depends on Daily Ad Sales)
–No Compulsory Repurchase rule
–Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
–To purchase this plan, You need to purchase Coin Professional monthly membership. The cost would be 0.05 BTC.

Ad-Pack Plan 4:
–Cost of AdPack: 0.10 BTC
–Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 50,000
–Revenue Sharing Rewards: Upto 120% (Depends on Daily Ad Sales)
–No Compulsory Repurchase rule
–Maximum active adpacks one can have: 1000
–To purchase this plan, You need to purchase Coin Elite monthly membership. The cost would be 0.10 BTC.

Ad-Pack Plan 5:
–Cost of AdPack: 0.10 BTC
–Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 50,000
–Revenue Sharing Rewards: Upto 120% (Depends on Daily Ad Sales)
–Maximum active adpacks one can have: 1000
–Can only be purchased using BTC wallet and/or Leaders Commission.

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

► There will be a “Purchase Fee” and “Withdrawal Fee” of 2%.
► You must have at least 10 active adpacks to be able to withdraw.

My Account as on 5th May, 2017

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

My Test Withdrawal:

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

Shadow Bar

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Major Advantages

FIRST ADVANTAGE: One of the major Advantages that the members will enjoy in MPCA is:

  • You put money to purchase adpacks in BITCOINS.
  • Earn Revenue Share Rewards in BITCOINS.
  • Withdraw money in BITCOINS.

In any other revshare when you deposit or purchase an adpack in Bitcoins (BTC), your bitcoins get converted into the value of USD. You earn your revenue share rewards in USD. And at the time of withdrawal your Dollars (USD) again get converted into Bitcoins (as per USD value) and you get the money.

For example let us assume that 0.01 BTC equals to $5 at the time of depositing / purchasing an adpack with 120% return. Once your adpack has run its course (expires) you have a total of $6 (120% of $5) to withdraw.

Due to the market volatility of BTC / with the rising and falling value of BTC versus USD (example: 0.01 = $5), when you initiate a withdraw your $6 may now be worth 0.009 BTC and you lose 0.01 BTC due to the appreciation of a higher USD value. And you have essentially lost money.

Here comes the Advantage of MPCA. With My Paying Crypto Ads this scenario is eliminated completely as all purchases will be at a value of BTC with Earnings being in BTC, Payouts being also in BTC.

Now you will earn a percentage return that allows you to grow your BTC and take advantage of the Fluctuating value of BTC without the risk of losing any money.

 SECOND ADVANTAGE: Before getting into the Second major Advantage, let’s have a look at the following Chart (BTC vs Dollar Trend, Source: The trend-chart clearly shows that in November 2015, 1 BTC was equivalent to USD 341, and in October 2016, 1 BTC is equivalent to USD 715. It’s a huge Upward trend. And it is expected that this trend will continue to climb upward in the coming days, months and years. (Note: There may be fluctuations).

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

1 BTC = 1249.46 US Dollar (as on 23rd April, 2017)

Taking this upward trend of BTC Vs USD into consideration, many of us tend to take the opportunity to keep / store Bitcoins in their BTC wallets with an intention to sell them in the future at a higher value.

Here comes the advantage of depositing these Bitcoins into MPCA where not only I’m storing my BTCs, but also I’m Growing my BTCs by 20%. (Note: This is solely my opinion. You may definitely disagree with me or may have a different opinion).

My Final Note on My Paying Crypto Ads Review or MPCA Review :

As I’ve already mentioned in my MPA Review that I’ve been associated with  only one revshare (MPA) and also didn’t have any intention to join a new revshare program right now, but it must be mentioned here that the Transparency and Honesty of the Owner and the Admins of MPA was the deciding factor for me to join MPA. And since My Paying Crypto Ads (MPCA) is in the hands of the same owner / admins, I’ve joined the Program on 31st October, 2016.

►If you also want to be a part of this Program◄

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

Please follow the below Steps for smooth Registration:

☻ Only use Gmail address and Correct Information.

☻ Use same Device to Register and to verify your account.

☻ If for some reasons you do not follow the above two steps, your registration link may expire.

☻ MPCA allow only one account per household / IP address.

☻ Make sure to read the terms and conditions.

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara's New Program MPCA Review

Disclaimer: This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

That’s all about My Paying Crypto Ads Review / MPCA ReviewIf you liked the Review, please share with your friends.

96 Comments on “My Paying Crypto Ads Review: Uday Nara’s New Program MPCA Review”

    1. Hi Michael…. Yes you’ll have to deposit first, then purchase adpacks and then surf / see ads… But first of all I request you to join AdsCrypto FB group first for day-to-day updates.

      Thanks you

    1. Hi Subha… Please listen to what everybody is saying… You’re the only person to decide whom you’ll listen to… Thank anyways

  1. Hi,

    I have been trying to withdraw a small amount from my account so I can make sure Bitcoin is setup properly, but it says withdrawal is Pending. Its been Pending now for 3 days.

    When I made my deposit everything went well, so Why can’t I make a withdrawal?


    1. Hi Dino… Processing of withdrawals are taking time for the last couple of weeks… MPA is trying to bring back the ‘withdrawal processing time frame’ to 48-72 hours… I hope within the next two weeks withdrawals processing time will get back to normal… so please have some patience… That’s all what I can say to you…

      Thank for commenting Dino… Keep visiting

  2. Hello sir,
    With regards to the current changes in MPCA withdrawal limits. I’ll like to know if this statement still stands
    ‘ If you re-purchase adpacks with your commission balance, that will be considered as fresh deposits and will increase your withdrawal limit again’
    Please differentiate between leaders commission and commission balance.
    Thanks for your support

    1. Hi Harriet,

      NO… The post still needs to be updated… I will do it soon… As per current changes If you purchase or re-purchase adpacks using your processor as well as Leaders Commissions, then only your withdrawal limit will be increased by 2x of that amount.

      Thanks for the heads up… Keep visiting.

      Thank you

  3. Hey!
    I want to ask that if a person just earns through cash links on this site, Will he have to pay something to withdraw his funds from this site?

    1. Hi william,

      If you have earned anything by clicking cash links only, please try to withdraw that… If you are allowed to do that, it’s fine. Do some experiment bro.

      Thank you

    1. Hi Lakshman… I don’t have any guide on MPCA as everything has been explained in the post with video guides… Though I need to update the post with the recent 2x withdrawal system which I will be doing soon… Thank you

  4. Hi good day sir!

    can i ask something? 24 hours already past then when i opened my account on MPCA it only requires me 1 surf for the day why is that happening?

    Thank you for your guidance

  5. MPCA allow only one account per household / IP address
    can i login my account with any device at anywhere ? phone , ipad ,laptop etc..

    1. Hi,

      Yes.. But with different email id and different payment processors… You can log in using any devices… but you have to verify your ip every time you try to log in by entering the code that is sent to your registered email id.

      Thank you

    1. Hi Banjo,

      Thanks for commenting… I’ve sent you the MPA guide… Please check inbox… Keep visiting.

      Thank you

    1. Hi Umesh,

      Many people get confused about “Adpack Total Earnings” and “Total withdrawal amount” in #MPCA. You can use this formula below just to calculate how much amount “STILL” you can withdraw from #MPCA if you stop repurchasing.

      Adpack Total Earnings : Locate this figure on dashboard

      Active/Completed Adpack : Click On “Purchase Adpack==>Click On Any Banner You Set==>Look Under “Current AdPack Details”

      For Active/Completed Adpack Value you have to convert no. of adpacks in to BTC value by multiplying its cost.


      A = Adpack Total Earnings – (1.2 X Completed Adpack Value)
      Total withdrawal amount = (1.2 X Active Adpack Value) – A

      Note :
      1. You can withdraw 3X of your deposited amount
      2. Once you withdraw 2X of your deposited amount, daily capping on your active adpacks will be reduced from 2% to 1%
      3. Purchases from commission balance will be counted as a fresh deposits so as to increase your withdrawal limit
      4. After 3X withdrawal, your active adpacks will stop earning. It means you have to add fresh deposits again to earn more.

      Thank you

  6. Man, i started with almost 2 BTC on 22nd Feb’17 and would be doing hardcore compounding (w/o withdrawls) for the next 6 months. If i don’t bring in any referrals, where should i see myself in terms of withdrawl limit/no of BTC’s?

    I am asking you cog my sponsor is just a lost soul and has got no idea. He’s just minting commissions from investor’s like us.

    You portrayed this entire cycle in a very professional way. Many of my questions have been taken care of. I will get you some referrals soon.

    Have a good one.

    1. Hi Ashu,

      First of all thanks for visiting and commenting… You have started Big (with 2 BTCs)… Without any referrals you will earn 2% daily of the total amount of your active adpacks. And your adpacks will expire in approx 60 days… But remember you can withdraw max 3X amount of your deposit… and after you withdraw 2X amount of your deposit your daily earnings will become Half (i.e. 1%)…

      Now if you get referrals and your referrals purchases adpacks… and if you utilize that referral commission to purchase new adpacks, that amount (commission amount) will be considered as your fresh deposit which will help you increase your withdrawal limit.

      Hope it helps… Thanks for visiting.

      Thank you

      1. Thanks a lot for the quickest response.

        I was told by my mentor that with in 60days my 2BTC’s will turn into 4, if i daily compound with no withdrawls whatsoever.

        Is it true? or he gave me wrong info to make some quick buck.

        Mate, Just tell me in 60days, when my adpacks expires, how many BTC’s with be there in my account?

        An approximate idea/guess will work for me.

        Thanks a lot in advance.

        1. Hi Ashu,

          It’s really hard to say exactly how much BTC you will be having after 60 days as it involves a long calculation. I’m explaining in a nutshell… Suppose you purchased 2 BTC worth of adpacks on the first day. On the second day you earn 2% of your first day’s total purchase… and you purchase new adpacks with that… So your total adpack value increases on the second day.. Again on the third day you get 2% of the total value of your adpacks you had on the previous day… again you purchase new adpacks… and the process continue… So if I take only your First day’s purchase i.e. 2 BTC, then after approx 60 days you get a return of 120% of 2 BTCs. This is the return of your first day’s purchase only.

          Thanks Ashu

  7. Hii sir
    In the withdraw condition if i repurchase adpack from earing till 3 month then the withdraw limit may b increase or not

    1. Hi Ashvin,

      If you repurchase with only your earning balance, then it will not increase your withdrawal limit. If you commission balance, then it will increase your withdrawal limit. Because the commission you earn is treated as your fresh fund coming to the system. Hope it helps.

      Thank you

  8. which document needed as a proof of address?
    im rental house , i just got mobile boardband bill
    is that accepted ?

    1. Hi Steven,

      The KYC feature has not been implemented yet. Once it gets implemented we will get to know the details about it. I will be updating the post.

      Thank you

  9. Hi Santam,
    Is everything covered regarding MPCA in this post or you have any additional documents? If yes, pls send me a copy.

  10. Thank you admin for this great review. If I need to repurchase on MPCA, please how do I go about that?
    Also, please send me the pdf file to my email address. Thank you

  11. Hello sir
    Thanks for your honest review . Am very excited to join and I need PDF files, please send me if possible. Thanks

    1. Hi Pvan,

      It has not been implemented just yet, details will follow soon. MPCA is waiting on the last few legal formalities on this.

      Thank you

  12. Thanks for your response. Please I withdrew 0.01 btc in the morning of 25 Jan 2017 till now 26 Jan it has not reflected in my bitcoin wallet. It is showing pending in mypayingcryptoads account.what could be the cause? Thanks

    1. Hi Cecegrace,

      Thanks for commenting. Regarding your query… Due to some incidents of hacking in other revshares, automatic mass withdrawal system has been made disabled in MPA and MPCA. All withdrawals are being processed manually specially by the owner Uday Nara so that the actual person / member gets the withdrawn money. This is the reason behind late processing of withdrawals.

      You can also refer FB update regarding this.

      Thanks again

    1. Hi Cecegrace,

      Bitcoins take long time (several hours) to show up in your account as BTC transactions pass through multiple checkpoints. So wait for few hours for your transaction to show up in your account after you make the Bitcoin payment.

      Thank you

  13. Hey man I just joined my cryptoads but I have no idea on how I am suppose to start earning. Do I need someone to refer me so I can fund my account and start earning? Help please.

    1. Hey Shawn,

      How did you join without a sponsor? Log into your account and check who your sponsor is. You should see Your sponsor’s email id after you log into your account. Please check.


  14. Hi,

    i have joined under your link so need your support and guidance sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am new to online marketing so pls send me any reference document to know how to start with this.


    1. Hi Deepak,

      First of all thanks for joining. This is not about online marketing. This Revenue Share Industry. You have to have some knowledge about Revshare before jumping into it. I’ve already described every details (with video tutorials) in the post how the program works. Still I would request you to read the first two paragraphs of my MPA post here to understand how revshare industry works…

      You must gather some knowledge before getting into revshare business. Please let me know. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Thank you

  15. Please do I need how do I earn,and do I need to use my money to invest and purchase an ad,I don’t understand.thanks

  16. hi, thanks for the reply, please what do you mean as commission earnings?? Is it the same as my daily profits ??

    Then another question:
    is there a feature in the MPCA system that automatically reinvest my daily earnings to buy new adpacks ?? or do I have to be doing it manually everyday ??

    1. Hi Seyi,

      Commission earning is the percentage you get when anyone of your referrals purchases adpacks or any other service in MPCA. (Commission percent has been discussed above).

      MPCA does not have automatic re-purchase feature yet. You will have to do it manually.

      Thank you

  17. HI admin, thanks for this info.
    Pls I have a question: let’s assume I start with a deposit of $100 and I set it as Reinvest for up to 3 months, will all my reinvest amount count as new deposits ?? and therefore adding to my initial capital $100 deposit ??

    1. Hi Seyi,

      Thanks for commenting… No, your Re-invest amount will not be counted as your new deposit. But every time you purchase new adpacks with your commission earnings will be counted as your new deposit.

      Thank you

  18. Hello sir,
    I purchased 42 ad pack last 27nov. and stop earnings 29dec. I have received massage by you Earnings Distribution Error
    So what i do continue to earn???

    1. Hi Anand,

      First of all I did not send any message to you regarding anything… And regarding “Earning Distribution”, the problem has been fixed.

      Thank you

  19. Hi
    I just registered with you as my sponsor. Hope I have some bonus for that lol!

    My issue is the paayment in btc. It is appealing but eventually one will still have to convert it in hard currency (dollars, euro…).
    Is there any exchanger you know that converts btc to other currencies in a fair exchange rate? Those I know term to over charge the fees


    1. Hi Fadi,

      Thanks for joining. You will have to research a bit to find out which Bitcoin wallet charges less. As I’m from India, I always use UNOCOIN. I would suggest you to visit the websites of few Local Bitcoin Wallets of your country and find out which one is charging less. This is the only way.

      Thanks again Fadi for joining.

      Thank you

  20. Thank you admin for these reviews. I registered an account a while ago for MPCA but have not funded it yet. I am glad to know to know that money can be used to fund the account. Please, how much is the minimum amount that can be used to fund the account. Thank you once again.

  21. Ok, the thing with the pool system i don’t get it very well
    let´s say a make a deposit of 10 BTC and i repurchase all my earnings untill i get to 20 BTC the i start withdrawing 100% of my earning. when i will be in pool 2? after my withdraws adds 10 BTC or 20 BTC?

    Here is another

    I deposit 10 BTC and i repurchase all my earning until 20 BTC, after that i will be in pool 2?
    If this is the case the way to go around is to withdraw your earning and then deposit them again? That should count as fresh funds, isn’t it?

    1. Hi Alejandro,

      Regarding first part of your query… If you deposit 10 BTC and keep on re-purchasing and start withdrawing… you will be in pool 2 as soon as you withdraw 20 BTC (i.e. 2x the amount of your deposit).

      Second part of your query… After withdrawing.. if you deposit them again, it will be considered as a fresh deposit (fund).

      Thanks for visiting bro

  22. A very insightful post. But i need a few clarification before signing up. I currently do not have any product/website that i want to advertise, but i want to participate in the program. How can i participate and earn. I would appreciate the best strategy in getting the most out of it.


    1. Hi shafabit,

      If you do not have any product ro website to advertise, then you can join any free marketplace like warrior plus, Click bank, Click sure, JVZoo etc. From there you can choose any product to promote. Take the appropriate banner of that product and advertise it on MPCA.

      Regarding how you can earn, it has been discussed above bro. Please go through it.

      Thanks for visiting

  23. HI, as u mentioned in MPCA ur earnings will reduce to 50 % if u withdraw double the amount ..and earnings will stop completly if u withdraw 3 times..right>>??
    Does the same rule apply in MPA too???

  24. Hi,

    Great Blog about MyCrypto Paying Ads. I am thinking about its membership fees after 20 Adpacks of $5. How to make a good strategy for the membership fees?

    As for MPA I heard good things about it and read your awesome review but at this point is it a wise decision to join it as a new member as it is now 19 months old?In your opinion how long can it last more?As it has membership fees after buying 100 Adpacks so there is some room for those who don’t like to pay membership fees.In how many days Level 1 Adpack $5 and Level 2 Adpack $10 shares get mature? If I start with $100 then what should be my strategy?Buying ad packs level 1,Repurchasing for 6-8 months then start to withdraw?How much to withdraw? (That’s why I need your advice in joining this at this point as it has been old and I will have to wait around for a year more to get my result).

    Kindly send me the guide of MPA and new program MPCA too if you have it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rose,

      Thank you for your comment. As for your question regarding how long MPA will last… See no-one can give you guarantee regarding the longivity of any revshare program to be very honest. I have seen a big revshare (Topshare Global) shutting down in only 25 days of its launch. But the longivity of a program depends on many factors… The main two factors are…

      1) How many new members are joining the program. Coz new members bring in fresh funds to the program which is very important for a program to last long.

      2) The Outside income source of the program aprt from members’ contributios (Deposits).

      and thirdly of course the ability of the owner / admins to run the program successfully.

      In my opinion in all of the above three factors MPA has proved to be one of the best programs so far. At the same time “My Paying Crypto Ads” (MPCA) will also help in bringing in some fresh air to MPA now, as both the programs are owned by the same owner and run by the same admins.

      I’ve sent you the PDF guide which will answer rest of your queries.

      Regarding MPCA, I’ve not yet started by funding my account. The over all strategy for any kind of revshare is…

      Start with an amount which you can afford… Build your account by re-purchasing up to a certain extent.. then start withdrawing and get your seed money back…. then re-build your account again by re-purchasing without the fear of losing money… This is the thumb rule / general strategy for every revshare.

      Anyways.. thenks Rose for commenting and for visiting my blog.

      Thanks again

  25. Hi,i am MPA member,I would love to be a member of MYCryptoAds,and I will be your referral if you help me in setting up a bitcoin account,I am confused about what kind of account I should open for bitcoins,thank you

    1. Hi Shantanu,

      Thanks for commenting. It will be my pleasure to have you in my team. Any kind of Bitcoin wallet will work. I guess you’re from India. I am using UNOCOIN wallet. ( I will definitely help you. I’m going to start my account tomorrow by adding some money. So let me d that tomorrow, then I will assist you with the entire process.

      Thank you Shantanu

  26. Great Blog Post about mypayingcryptoads, i think this going to be a great program and it going to help marketer to build a full time income with bitcoins and the value of bitcoins are going up, god bless

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