SEGA BASS FISHING – Nintendo Wii – The HISTORY of Game Console!

SEGA BASS FISHING – Nintendo Wii is a fishing game developed by Sega exclusively for the Wii console system. It is a spinoff of “Sega Bass Fishing” by Sega, originally developed for the Nintendo DS in Japan.

SEGA BASS FISHING - Nintendo Wii - The HISTORY of Game Console

About Sega Bass Fishing – Nintendo Wii

Where “Sega Bass Fishing” was a U.S. arcade game, it’s a Wii game and was released in Japan in October 2009, though the game did not see an international release at that time. 

The game remained exclusive to Japan until April 2011, when the game was released worldwide. In December 2011, a WiiWare version of the game was released. It featured touchscreen interaction with virtual fishing rods and two-player fishing via wireless or split-screen multiplayer.

There are plenty of options and, as long as you play by the rules, you’ll catch a fair number of fish. If only Sega had done this one better.

“Sega Games” reviewed Sega Bass Fishing as “a great game for kids or adults,” but with few bonuses. They praised the multiplayer aspect of the game too.

How “Sega Bass Fishing – Nintendo Wii” can be played?

In this game, players use the Wii Remote to control a fishing rod and cast their line. The game’s goal is to catch as many fish as possible while avoiding obstacles such as rocks, trees, logs, and small patches of weeds.

By swinging the Wii Remote in a circular motion, players can propel a lure in front of them by pulling the line back. As they pull the line back, the lure will continue reeling forward. 

If players release their Wii Remote and let go of the line, it will return to them automatically. By holding down the button on their Wii remote, gamers can cast multiple lures at once.

The game’s goal is to shoot fish that are falling from the sky as they appear. The player applies the stylus to control a rod that is attached to a boat. By pulling back on the rod, a hook will appear from the boat and catch the fish falling from the sky. 

The player can pull back as many times as he or she wants before releasing their aim. The stylus is also used for aiming at a specific point to hit smaller fish that are vertically falling towards you. There are five different stages in this game, each with increasing difficulty.

Sega Bass Fishing – Reviewed by Nintendo Wii

“Sega Bass Fishing” has been reviewed in “Nintendo Power.” “Nintendo Power” gave the game a High rating. 

In 2008, two years before this game was released on the Wii, it was built and developed for the Nintendo DS and was released only in Japan. Unlike the Wii version of the game, a fishing game, this version is an arcade shooter game.

SEGA BASS FISHING - Nintendo Wii - The HISTORY of Game Console





Features of Sega Bass Fishing – Nintendo Wii

  • Four Modes, full of Fun. Arcade, Tournament, Practice, and Nature Trip modes.
  • 15 Different Stages. Discover your favorite fishing spot with seven new sections for the Wii only, or live your glorious fishing days in four classics and four Dream cast stages.
  • Changing conditions. Different seasons can significantly affect your fishing trip, while the time of day and the weather all play a role.
  • Four types of bass. Hook four types of bass: Florida Big Mouth, Red Eye, Small Mouth, and Big North Mouth.
  • The reinvention of the classic. This old theme has started to spread across the forums, and now the gameplay and graphics have been updated with the Wii.
  • Play as a team and take turns guiding your boat with the touch screen and Wii Remote while sharpening your skills with instant feedback.
  • Cooperative play. Two players can take turns helping each other control and aim fishing rods with the Wii Remote.
  • Fishing rods that move and shine. You can aim the rod by moving the Wii Remote to where you want the hook to land, or you can use the touch screen to adjust it.
  • Original music soundtrack faithfully reproduced from the original arcade version, with updated remixes for Wii’s sound capabilities.
  • Bass that jumps out at you, while the fish look older and wiser. Up to two players can control the fishing rods in two-player simultaneous mode. Play any time, anywhere. The game saves high scores and records favorite catches so you can keep playing anytime you want, regardless of the time or place. 

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New features on Wii-Ware:

  • Dual Fishing Roles added: Have a friend control the boat while you control the fishing rod, or flip and have a friend fish while driving!
  • 2 Players via split-screen in both co-op and adversarial modes.
  • Some mini-games let you off of the boat entirely, resulting in different perspectives on fishing gameplay.
  • Re-mastered music for five stages, including Nature Trip.
  • Seasons now have up to four different times of day that affect the weather and fishing experience.
  • More achievements to collect! 
  • Conveniently pause without leaving the screen with a button press or by hitting certain obstacles in the game.

Final Thoughts on Sega Bass Fishing – Nintendo Wii

This game features a unique fishing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. The Wii version of Sega Bass Fishing will have all new graphics, music, and gameplay improvements to make the game feel more exciting and fresh. 

Plus, it’s got four different types of fish to reel in, a host of new features designed for wireless Wii Remote play with up to two players on the same screen. An extra power-up you can collect all while navigating through some seriously challenging bass that is ready for battle! 

There’s nothing this game doesn’t have your name on it. With so many different things to do – either alone or with friends – there’s never a dull moment playing Bass Fishing.

Try “Sega Bass Fishing” NOW!

FAQ on Sega Bass Fishing – Nintendo Wii

Q. Is Sega Bass Fishing 2 player?

Yes. In the new version of the game, you can play with two players on the same screen using one Wii Remote and Nunchuk each, or if you want to share the experience, even more, there are quite a few mini-games that allow for up to four players to play.

Q. How do you catch the big fish in Sega Bass Fishing?

You need to patiently work on your lure depth and location because fish aren’t going to jump into your boat.

Q. How good is Sega Bass Fishing? Will it benefit from an update?

This game is sure to reward those who are willing to learn how it works. It takes a little time for the game to warm up. The better you get, the better the game will be.

Q. Is Sega Bass Fishing a good game?

Yes, it has good graphics, great audio, and an overall richer gaming experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Q. How do you catch the big fish in Sega Bass Fishing? 

It takes some practice, but you will learn where the bigger fish like to hang out after a while. Make sure to use fast reel speeds, so you can set the hook quickly.

Q. How do you cast in Sega Bass Fishing?

To cast you, hold the Wii Remote horizontally and move it back and forth. When you see the line, start to reel in, let go.

Q. How do you aim your rod in Sega Bass Fishing?

You can swing your rod up and down and left or right. You can also angle your rod left or right by holding R when looking at a fish.

Q. How do you maintain control in Sega Bass Fishing?

Good timing is all it takes, but try to avoid being stationary too long to make it hard for you to get the timing right.

Q. How do you get the sonic lure in Sega Bass Fishing?

Sonic is on the bottom right side of the sea. Use your rod to move the lure to where you want it, and use your fishing skill with the attack button.

That concludes the article on “Sega Bass Fishing – Nintendo Wii.” 

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