Should You Stop Sending Email Marketing Proposals?

Should you stop sending email marketing proposals? – This is the topic that you are going to cover in this article. 

I’m going to share with you exactly why you should stop sending email marketing proposals to your prospective clients immediately.

Should You Stop Sending Email Marketing Proposals

So, today I want to share some value with you. And, help you earn more money for your businesses. 

And, also will try to help you recover potential money that you’re losing out on whether you run a marketing agency, a Social Media Marketing Agency, or whether you’re just a freelancer in general.

But, before going into the main topic, let us have a brief look at exactly what does the term Email Marketing Proposals refer to.

What is an Email Marketing proposal?

Marketing is a valuable asset to all businesses. And, especially it’s important to help us reach out to our prospective customers or clients.

We need to utilize internet marketing rather than email marketing to make our products or services better known among the community. And, we should remember that we have a lot of competition.

So, if we implement a schedule to collect emails of our prospective customers or clients. And, then if we plan to execute the email marketing strategy. Then, there is a scope to reach out to the crowd. 

It is a major tactic. Companies all over are currently using this tactic to get their products and services to reach out to their prospective clients. 

Some problems of Email Marketing Proposals

The first problem is: Accumulating Email Addresses

One of the issues we face within this email marketing tactic is accumulating email addresses from the community. Though we need to find a way to create a list for our target audience and provide them with deals and information about our company.

The second problem is: Sending Correct amount of Emails

Another email marketing problem we face is trying to send the correct amount of emails to our target audience. 

According to an article written on email marketing, companies need to strategically find a sweet spot in the number of emails that need to be sent to keep customers interested. 

If we send too many, they might get annoyed. And, if we don’t send enough, they might just forget about our brand. So, we need to create emails that inform the customer without annoying them. 

The third problem is: Making the customers prompted to take action

The last problem we face is that even though a customer may open our emails they may not be prompted to buy our products or services.

The objective of implementing email marketing is, you target a specific audience to buy our products or services. 

According to an article written on email marketing, 50% of business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies use email technology as part of their marketing strategies. 

Here comes the role of Email Marketing Proposals.

  • You collect the emails of your prospective clients. 
  • Send them your proposal pointing out how they are going to benefit from your services. 
  • They agree upon that.
  • You start your business with them.
  • You earn money (profit).

But, it’s not that EASY as it looks. 

There is a major disadvantage in sending out email marketing proposals to your prospective clients. This is what we are going to discuss in the next piece of the article.

Okay, let’s jump into our main topic…

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Should you stop sending a proposal?

A major part of the typical sales process that so many of us follow is, sending email marketing proposals to our prospective clients

Many a time you had a prospect say to you, “Okay, can you send me across a proposal, or email me a proposal?” 

Immediately you have your sales process set out where you have a discovery call with your client, which is great!

Okay, that’s Great!

And, then the next stage will be, you’ll go into one of your tools. You’ll use a template. Or you build it on your own. And you’ll put together a proposal, and email it to your client.

Then you will keep waiting to hear back from them. And, this activity, by itself will be causing you to miss out on a ton of revenue for your business. 

Today, I’m going to share with you what you should do instead. And, why should you do that?

So, why should you stop sending an email marketing proposal? This is the main question.


There are a few reasons. 

First reason: Losing Leverage and Power

First of all, as soon as a prospect says to you, can you please send me a proposal and you say yes. 

You are immediately losing some leverage and some power that you may have in a negotiation, right? 

Because they are telling you what to do. And, you’re set to go away and take action immediately. 

And, here you’re losing some leverage when it comes to negotiating fees and rates, etc. just by the way of psychology. Because they’ve grabbed the power from you immediately. So, that’s one reason.

The second reason why you should stop sending a proposal

Often business owners use the line, please send me a proposal.” It’s just a way to get rid of you or to get rid of the conversation. 

Now, if you go and do that, you will be spending a lot of your time in

  • Building out the proposal
  • Thinking of the ideas
  • Putting together the pricing
  • Emailing it to them
  • Following up with them

And, a lot of the time, you’ll probably never hear back from them. 

So, that’s the second reason. 

The third reason why you should stop sending an email marketing proposal

If you email someone a proposal. And they have questions about it; you can’t answer them in real-time. 

If they have questions or concerns, and you can’t answer them in real-time. Then, you have to wait and hope that they will send you back an email with those concerns and with those questions. 

If somebody has a concern or a question. And, if they can’t ask you that, and also you can’t answer immediately. It will start to rankle in their mind. 

And potentially, you will run the risk of losing out on this opportunity. So, what you should do instead? 

What should you do instead to avoid sending email marketing proposals?

Instead of sending email marketing proposals when asked for, you should tell your client, and you should make it clear to them throughout the sales process that you don’t just send across a proposal. 

And, after a discovery call, the next step is that you get on another call together to go through the proposal. Or through the statement of work that you’re putting together. But you should never email it to them. 

So, what you do is, set up a time after you’ve had the discovery call. And, at the end of that discovery call, you see a way that you could work with them or not. 

And, also if you feel that you could benefit them. Then you will tell the client the Next Logical Step in the process. 

The next step after you’ve avoided sending an email marketing proposal

Instead of going away and sending an email marketing proposal, the next step is to organize the next meeting, whether that’s tomorrow or next week. 

Also, try and keep it as close together as possible. But, you’ll organize the next meeting. And, at that meeting, you will present to them the ways that can help them. Also, you’ll present the ways that will help their business move forward. 

So, you don’t go away and send an email marketing proposal. Instead, you go away and put together a presentation deck. And, you go through that deck on the next call with the client.

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The fourth reason why you should stop sending email marketing proposals

And the reason behind the step just mention above is, it gives them no easy way out if you suggest that to them. 

And, if it’s something they don’t want to go forward with. Or, if they kick back and say “NO! Just send me a proposal”.

Then it’s clear that they already have some concerns or maybe they’re not ready to work with you yet. 

So, that’s a good time to realize that they are not the best client to be working with right now.

Now if you’re proposing something to someone, they must be having some questions.

When they have concerns, and you can answer those in real-time on Call. And, also if you can then go ahead and close the prospect on the phone, or the Zoom call meeting, then you can call the entire process a Structured Process.

So it’s recommended that you stop sending those templated email marketing proposals. But, instead, you change your process. 

The second step after you avoided email marketing proposals

Then you make the second step, a phone call, a meeting, or a Zoom call meeting together. Then you go through the presentation with them in the meeting. 

Don’t send it to them. And that way, you can get an immediate answer and some immediate feedback.

Conclusion: Why you should stop sending email marketing proposals

In the conclusion, the fact of the matter is, you should adopt the process that has been discussed above. And, that should be your process. 

In other words, that is how you remove those standard email marketing proposals. And, it really would be recommended that you should do this to take that “emailing of proposal step” out of your sales process. It will help you generate a ton more revenue for your business.

Hope you enjoyed this guide on Why you should stop sending email marketing proposals. If you found some value in this article, please share it on any of the social media platforms below.

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