Ten Ads Pro Review – Mike Uhrhan’s Revshare TenAdsPro

“Ten Ads Pro” is another revshare which is going to be launched very soon. In my “Ten Ads Pro Review” I’m going to discuss some important features of the program and am also going to share my opinion whether you should join this program or not.

Ten Ads Pro Review - Mike Uhrhan's Revshare TenAdsPro

Ten Ads Pro Review: About the Owner

Mike Uhrhan is the Owner of “Ten Ads Pro”.  If you have been in the revshare field for sometime, you Ten Ads Pro Review - Mike Uhrhan's Revshare TenAdsPromust have heard of Mike Uhrhan. He is a good friend of mine (Off course Online friend). Mike has been an FB Admin of many Big revshares so far. And everyone in this industry knows that Mike has discharged his duty as an Admin to best of his ability and honesty in all programs.

The Buzz created around Drew Burton’s Revshare (My Review Here) might have taken Mike’s program a step away from limelight. But it’s moving forward to it’s launch steadily. I’m not going to compare Mike’s program with Drew’s one. Nor am I going to suggest you which program you should join and which one you should not. But all I can say is, so far as honesty is concerned, this man (Mike) is really Trustworthy. And I hope everyone will agree with me.

Ten Ads Pro Review: About the Program

Program Name: Ten Ads Pro (Official Website) (Not my Referral Link)

Owner: Mike Uhrhan

Launch Date: 27th July, 2016

Membership Fee: NO

Payment Processors: Payza and CoinPayments (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and DOGE)

Daily Capping: Maximum 3%

Category: Slow Program (Fast Programs Do Not last long)

Ten Ads Pro Review: Pay Plans

Only One Position Plan ($1)
Maximum Daily Capped Earnings At 3%
Positions Mature At 120%
No Limit On Position Purchase
Minimum Add Funds Is $10
Maximum Withdrawal: $500 Monday – Saturday (to exclude some US Federal holidays)
Referrals Commission: 10%

Ten Ads Pro Review - Mike Uhrhan's Revshare TenAdsPro

Facebook Group: You may join “Ten Ads Pro” FB Group Here.

Ten Ads Pro Review - Mike Uhrhan's Revshare TenAdsPro

Final Note on Ten Ads Pro Review

Mike might not be a top recruiter or a top marketer as Drew is, but so far as honesty and trustworthiness of the owner is concerned, in my opinion “Ten Ads Pro” is a program which is worth joining / investing.

As mentioned in my “About Me” page, currently I’m with only one program “My Paying Ads”, which is making me real money and I’m making some very good profits from it, so I’ve decided not to join “Ten Ads Pro”.

If you want to join Mike Uhrhan’s Program, you’ll have to join from some other link, under some other sponsor.

Conclusion: My Personal Take on Ten Ads Pro

Though I’m not part of any one of these two programs (Drew’s and Mike’s), still If you ask me if I had to select, which one I would’ve joined. My answer would be, I would’ve preferred Mike Uhrhan’s “TenAdsPro” over Drew’s program. This is absolutely my personal choice. You’re free to disagree with me. But both the Programs seem to be good to join.

(Do your own research before joining any Revshare Program)

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