Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)

As I do normally, this is going to be an honest review completely based on my results and on my real time experience with URS. Ultimate Revshare (URS) is one of the best and fastest growing medium-paced revenue share Platforms / Programs.

Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)



About the Program

Program Name: Ultimate RevShare (URS)

Owner: Tom Taylor, JSiddik Meman

Payment processors: Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin, Okpay, Perfect Money & 2Pay4You.



Starter Pack: $1

Advanced Pack: $5

Daily Return: Up to 3%


Membership Fee

There is NO Membership Fee for new members having Starter Packs only. For members having Advanced Pack Membership Fee is $10 per month.


Active Facebook Group

URS has got a strong and active FB Group of over 16,500 active members where each and every member as well as the Admins are always busy to help each other and to resolve every member’s problems and query. I would request you to join the Group and meet thousands of members who’re getting paid everyday without any delay and issue.

Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)




My Deposit and Withdrawals:

As you can see my Deposit is $179 and my Total Withdrawal so far is $162.

Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)

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Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)

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Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)

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Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)

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Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)

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Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)



►Please DO your own research before joining any revshare Program◄


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If you have any other query, please comment below.

24 Comments on “Ultimate Revshare Review (URS)”

  1. Hello, im thinking about joining ultimate revshare and i would like to know if it is still working as good and i would like to get your email for further updates if that is ok

    regards chris

    1. Hi Christian,

      Thanks for commenting. URS 2.0 has just started with new pay plans. They are ow paying upto 3% daily return. So it’s going to be a long term program with lower daily return. I’ve sent a mail to you. Please check.


  2. i just joined fort Ads Pays but got frustrated because of the Spanish i almost give up until i got this news letter it was very informative . i stumbled upon the thing tonight , really love that

    1. After you open the FAP site, just click on the First Map on the left-top corner of the site. The entire site will open in English.


    1. Hi Sankar,

      You may keep paying $10 weekly sub in TT3 with a hope of getting withdrawals, but I’ve stopped that. It’s absolutely clear that they don’t have funds to pay to the members, but they are hiding it only because of the FEAR of losing new members in their New venture “Shares that care” or whatever. This is the point where the owners lose their Transparency.

      On the other hand (For example) look at Uday Nara (MPA), Tom Taylor (URS) and the owners of UniRevshare. Despite lots of problems they placed all their problems in front of the members, take suggestions from the members and also placed the solutions they are going to implement to resolve the problems. This is what Transparency and Honesty is all about.

      Good luck bro.


    1. Hi Shankar,

      Thanks for commenting, But I’m not able to answer this question as I’m not related to Traffic Monsoon in any way.


    In Mypayingads.com
    there are no repurchase share process
    So what is profit to Uday Nara?
    and In any Advertising Website there are repurchase share process
    ‘Mypayingads’ will stay long time for us for earning money

    1. Hi shakar,

      If you think that Revshare owners make profits from only re-purchase earnings then you’re absolutely wrong. Uday Nara himself or the admins of MPA can answer this question way better than me. So I’d request you to put this question in the MPA FB Group. You’ll get the best answer.

      Coming to your second question, not only in my opinion but according to the Leaders of Revshare industry, MPA is one of the programs that will last for long long time. It’s the program which’s got a long term sustainability with one of the best and honest owners of the revshare industry.

      Thanks again

    1. Hi Siddharth,

      As you can see from above table, I need to have 370 active media packs to withdraw $10 a day without losing shares.


    1. Hi Shankar,

      Yes due to maintenance of the site it became a bit slow. Now it’s working fine. Surfing will start from 15th of May. Now everyone is earning without surfing which is great.


    1. Hi Shankar,

      I was also an active member of Triple Threat. But I stopped TT3. First reason is High Paying programs run out of money fast if they are not managed brilliantly. The owner must be super experienced to run such a high paying program.

      TT3 owners failed to keep their promises not only once but on the several occasions. But the sad part is they are not ready to accept it.

      I have faith on only two Persons (Owners), Dr. Uday Nara of MPA and Tom Taylor of URS. They are equally Honest and Brilliant in their business.

      Uday Nara has already refunded my Paypal seed money which I will be using from 5th July (Not allowed to use before that).

      Right now I’m with URS only. I feel really safe with URS.

      Coming to your point, if you’re really lucky you’ll get your payment from TT3.

      Thanks again Shankar

    1. That’s the share earnings. 50% of which goes to re-purchase balance and 50% goes to Withdrawable balance.


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