Update #1: My 12th Day with My Paying Ads

MyPayingAds: Update #1 (This Post is about MPA-1)

As I said in My Full Review on MPA that I would share my Updates and Progress with My Paying Ads everyday or every alternate day, here’s my first update.

Today is my 12th day with MPA. I joined My Paying Ads on 12th December, 2015. Soon after joining I purchased 30 shares with $30 in Level 1.

The shares got activated and started earning immediately. As you know the earning gets divided into two parts (Cash earning and Re-purchase earning) at a ration 30% (cash) and 70% (re-purchase). You can withdraw the cash earning and re-invest the re-purchase earning to re-purchase more shares. But as the basic strategy says “Do not withdraw” cash earnings at the initial phase, I’ve not been withdrawing my cash earnings. Instead I am reinvesting the entire amount (cash earning + re-purchase earning) for purchasing new shares.

Update #1: My 12th Day with My Paying Ads

So, I’ve been repeating the process everyday. My goal is to increase as much active shares as possible so that I can reach at a level fast where I would be able to withdraw good amount of consistent money on a monthly basis.

Update #1: My 12th Day with My Paying Ads

From the above screen shot of my account dashboard you can see, on the 12th day my Share Earning is $17.43 and my Active number of shares is 57.


This is my latest update. You may also see my next update here. Also read “What to do when shares expire”

If you have any query or if you need any help, please message me on Facebook or Feel free to comment below. I’ll try to reply back as early as possible.


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