Update #7: My 26th Day with My Paying Ads (Share Earnings: $71.05)

As I said in My Full Review on MPA that I would share my Updates and Progress with My Paying Ads everyday or every alternate day, here’s my seventh update.

MyPayingAds: Update #7 (This Post is about MPA-1)

Note: As Paypal review is going on since the day before Christmas and the review is not yet over (expected to be over within two weeks (Updated on 12th January, 2016)) no funds have been added to the system by any member. That’s the reason the earnings becomes slow for the last one week. It’s expected that as soon as the paypal review is done, things will be normal and the earning process will take it’s normal pace.

Update #7: My 26th Day with My Paying Ads (Share Earnings: $71.05)

Here’s Uday Nara’s Latest Update on ongoing Paypal Review (14th January, 2016)

Update #7: My 26th Day with My Paying Ads (Share Earnings: $71.05)

Today is my 26th day with MPA. I joined My Paying Ads on 12th December, 2015 by purchasing 30 shares with $30 in Level 1.

From the below screen shot of my account dashboard you can see, on the 26th day my Share Earning is $71.05 and my Active number of shares is 203. I’m on Level 2 now.

Update #7: My 26th Day with My Paying Ads (Share Earnings: $71.05)

Conclusion: This is my latest update. You may also see my previous update here.

If you have any query or if you need any help, please message me on Facebook or Feel free to comment below. I’ll try to reply back as early as possible.


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  1. Your article has proven useful to me. It’s very informative and you are obviously very
    knowledgeable in this area. You have opened my eyes to varying views
    on this topic with interesting and solid content.

    1. Hi Renaldo,

      It’s too early to come to a conclusion right now until a final version of the review comes out. Uday is trying to the best of his sincerity and honesty to solve the matter. Everyone in the Group are demanding to abandon Paypal and go for other payment processors. But it should be kept in mind that it’s not that easy to abandon paypal all of a sudden. 90%-95% of the funds are with paypal now. If these funds get frozen, it’ll be almost impossible for the entire business to sustain. Yes it’s frustrating that members are not earning what they were earning before and the earnings are very slow due to the fact that funds are not coming into the system. But what Uday is doing is for the long term benefits of the company and for the members. So what the members really need to do now is to keep a little more patience and hope for the best.

      Thanks Renaldo

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