Virtual Conference – 11 CONCRETE STEPS to Grow Your Business!

Virtual Conference – 11 CONCRETE Steps to Grow Your Business – A virtual conference is an online meeting. Instead of getting together in a physical room, team members interact with one another over the internet through webcams and microphones.

There are several benefits to using virtual conferences that have led to them being used more and more in recent years.

Virtual Conference – 11 CONCRETE STEPS to Grow Your Business

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Advantages of Virtual Conference over Traditional Conference

The advantage of Virtual conferences over Traditional conferences is the distance between the participants. In a traditional conference, the people attending are physically only a few meters away from each other, rarely more than twenty. In virtual conferences, the people can be miles or continents apart.

Another benefit of virtual conferences is that they can take place almost any time of day or night. This means employees can participate in virtual conferences without interrupting their workday schedules. Clients can receive updated information at any time of day or night via e-mail and phone.

  • Virtual conferences are a great way for businesses to save money.
  • A virtual conference does not require travel, creating lesser costs for the business.
  • It also doesn’t require a venue, making it an even less expensive option for businesses who don’t have one available without having to pay for it.
  • Virtual conferences can be done between various locations in an office building, through services such as Skype or Google Hangouts, etc.

11 Steps to Use a Virtual Conference for Business Growth:

1. Find and pursue opportunities that you would not otherwise have had.

You can find and pursue opportunities you would not otherwise have had the chance to. For example, some businesses that operate in particular industries might not meet with companies that operate in the same industry but are in another state or even another country.

This could mean missing out on potential business opportunities due to the location of potential clients. A virtual conference is a great way to communicate with these businesses and get information about their interests and needs.

2. Create a marketing plan with more measurable outcomes than simply attendance numbers.

Measuring outcomes in a virtual conference are much more comfortable than measuring the outcome of a physical event. You can track everything from how many times the virtual conference link was shared to how many people joined in the virtual Conference itself.

You can even track what time of day the best numbers are coming in or which links are more effective than others. Tracking outcomes is an easy way to improve any future marketing plans and make them more effective than ever before.

3. Program separate sessions throughout the day, each of which is targeted to different audiences, without disrupting your main session.

Virtual conferences can be hosted in a single virtual room where everyone who attends can see everyone else. This way, you can have a marketing session, product presentation, and then team building or training, all without leaving one room.

These sessions can be run at different times of day and targeted to different audiences, making it easier than ever to customize your events for the people’s specific needs. You can even have staff presenters discuss these sessions with you via video conference in real-time if you are not available for all of them yourself.

4. Create unique and memorable experiences for your clients.

It is easy to make your virtual Conference stand out by creating unique and memorable experiences for your clients. For example, if you are selling a product, you could have different colored “stages” in the virtual room that corresponded to the product colors or something similar.

You can host competitions and raffles that can all be done in real-time via video conference. This allows clients to win prizes while interacting with you and other people attending this virtual event.

5. Increase the scope of the virtual Conference by making it virtual.

Virtual conferences are not limited to just an office or a physical location, and they can be hosted virtually anywhere there are internet and audio/video capabilities. While hosting your virtual Conference, you can be in one place, while everyone who attends is in another place entirely.

This also means that you can customize your virtual Conference to be held in any place that is free of distractions. This makes it possible to host virtual conferences at events and business meetings where you might not otherwise be able to due to time or distance constraints.

6. Engage with new audience members who are not in your immediate vicinity but participate in the same discussion online.

Many virtual conferences require participants to make decisions in real-time, which means that only those who can attend in person will make them. Suppose you host a virtual conference via the internet and allow people to join remotely.

In that case, it is possible for anyone who has any interest at all to participate in the decision-making process both online and virtually.

7. Establish a review/feedback system so that participants can post about their experience with the event.

Post-event surveys are a great way to establish a review/feedback system so that participants can post about their experience with the event. This can be used to decide why your event was a success or what improvements could be made, which will help you grow as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

It is also an excellent way for future customers to learn more about your products and see what they are all about before they commit to buying them.

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8. Establish a common thread among the participants and create a sense of community.

Virtual conferences can be used to bring people together who would not otherwise have met in person. For example, by sharing a virtual conference link on an event website, you might be able to gather people who all share similar interests or work hard for the same goal.

You can smoothly establish a common thread among the participants and create a sense of community as they participate in your virtual conference sessions together.

9. Strengthen your business relationships and build a sense of affiliation.

Virtual conferences allow you to create and strengthen relationships with the people attending or participating in your virtual Conference. You can use the communication tools available to you during a virtual conference, like video conferencing software, to interact with individuals before the event even begins.

This will allow you to get to know them personally and what they want from your event so you can make it as enjoyable for them as possible.

10. Communicate immediately with attendees after the event via e-mail notifications.

Virtual conferences are often held in a remote place with an internet connection that is not always reliable. This means that it might be possible for you to miss messages and e-mails from the people who are attending your virtual Conference.

This is a good idea to use a software application like eBlast, which sends notifications via e-mail to anyone who has provided their e-mail address through the registration process.

11. Establish a newsletter list to send targeted messages after the session(s).

After the event has taken place, you should still be in contact with all of your attendees. If you established a newsletter list during your event registration process, you could use that to send targeted messages after the session(s).

For example, suppose you run a community center and offer upcoming classes to participants who have attended your virtual Conference. In such case, you can send them an e-mail with details about the classes.

This helps keep them engaged with your organization even after they have completed their virtual conference sessions.

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15 Benefits of Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference – 11 CONCRETE STEPS to Grow Your Business

The benefits of virtual conferences that can be offered online are immense. Many people prefer this technology because it allows them to learn at their own pace and focus on the information they’re learning without distractions. It’s easy to use and take advantage of the services that are being offered online.

1. Great opportunities for expanding the business

A lot of entrepreneurs prefer to host their virtual conferences. This is because they gain access to an enormous scope of people as compared to a traditional event.

They can also expand the features of the Conference and upload more unique and customized content that can be beneficial for their audience. 

2. Be part of an international community

People who attend virtual conferences get to interact with people from all across the world. This allows them to learn new things and diversify their outlook on life.

They also get to meet new people that will be helpful for their personal and professional growth alike. Moreover, they can make friends with people from different cultures and communicate with them. 

3. Save on time

The concept of virtual conferences is very convenient for the people who attend them. This is because, unlike a traditional conference, a virtual conference can be attended by people from all over the world without any hassle.

People take part in virtual conferences because it’s fun and easy to do. Most of the hosted online conferences are also available for download as podcasts where people can catch up with anything they might have missed in their busy schedule. 

4. Save on money

Not only do you save on time, but you also save on money with the concept of virtual conferences. As opposed to going through the stressful process of booking flights and hotels for a conference, people can click on their computers and participate in a virtual event.

5. Great learning opportunities

Virtual conferences are an excellent opportunity for people to learn new things related to their careers. Many people attend virtual conferences because they want to build long-lasting relationships with professionals in different industries.

They can learn from their experiences and grow as they earn the knowledge of their peers. Also, instead of spending a tremendous amount of money on conferences that will not benefit them in the long run, they can take advantage of the online services.

6. Great networking opportunities

Through virtual conferences, people get to network with people from different industries and gain new business opportunities. Moreover, they can expand their network outside of their usual circles by interacting with people they may never have met otherwise.

7. All the great perks of a conference

Virtual conferences are similar to the actual thing, just that they’re online. People can download the content of a conference and go through it within their comfort zone.

They can also adjust their schedule according to their availability and watch videos when they have time. People get to access everything that they would have if they had attended a traditional conference.

8. Access to high-quality content

Virtual conferences can benefit people because they have access to high-quality content only for the people who attend the event. This helps them gain profound knowledge and improve their lives through their active participation in the event.

9. Be a part of an exclusive group

Virtual conferences are very beneficial for entrepreneurs because they can be a part of a community that is only available to certain people. This gives them access to industry experts and business leaders who share the same vision for the future.

10. Increase your visibility

Virtual conferences are one of the best ways to increase your industry visibility and help you become a better person. Producers of virtual conferences keep updating their content to make themselves stay relevant and valuable for their audience.

11. Get recognized

One of the best benefits of virtual conferences is that they can increase your brand recognition. People who attend virtual conferences also participate actively to gain knowledge from different industry experts and entrepreneurs.

If you provide them with a valuable service, they will be more than willing to spread the word about it. This will enhance your brand visibility and establish yourself as a leader in your niche.

12. Meet new people

Virtual conferences are a great platform to meet new people. If you attend an event that is only available to those who are members of a particular community, you will meet new people and learn more about them. It can also help you grow as a person by gaining more knowledge about different industries and expand your network outside your current circle. 

13. Become a better person

Virtual conferences are also an excellent platform for people to build positive relationships. A lot of people attend virtual conferences because they want to improve their personal and professional lives.

This is because they gain access to different people through the internet and form new relationships. People who attend virtual conferences are generally more social than those who don’t, so they can have meaningful conversations that can help them become better people in the long run.

14. Meaningful learning experience

Virtual conferences are great for people to learn from different experts in their niche. This is because they can see all the different experiences that other people have had.

This makes them realize that even though they might have a similar issue or problem to one of the other participants, their way of solving it might be completely different. This will help them become a lot more successful as entrepreneurs and professionals in general. 

15. Network with other people

People can meet other people at virtual conferences who share the same interests. If you interact with such people, it will be beneficial for you to expand your network.

Moreover, virtual conferences help you connect with many like-minded people so that you can interact with them whenever you need help. These are just some reasons why entrepreneurs and business professionals prefer attending virtual conferences over their traditional counterparts.

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What are the Best Virtual Conference Platforms?

Virtual Conference

There are many different options for virtual conference platforms. They vary in features, price, and their ability to cater to your needs. 

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 choices you can explore.

1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a web-based meeting and conference application with a free tier for up to five users. You can easily host your meetings or invite clients, employees, and vendors to share content, whiteboards, chat rooms, and calendars. 

2. WebEx

WebEx is another web-based meeting and conference app with free options for up to 20 members. The free version offers all the features of the paid subscription, minus some administrative controls. 

It also offers an iOS app for mobile users and onsite connectivity with a three-day free trial. WebEx is another web-based meeting and conference app with free options for up to 20 members. 

The free version offers all the features of the paid subscription, minus some administrative controls. It also offers an iOS app for mobile users and onsite connectivity with a three-day free trial.

3. Nintex Meeting Widget

Nintex Meeting Widget of the week is the free version of their professional scheduling software, Nintex Workflow, which allows you to create events and road maps quickly. 

To reduce costs and help you keep track of your meetings, this version only offers a limited set of features, but it can still be a helpful tool to get things started. 

4. – Online Meeting Software Demo

This is a demo for, a free web conferencing tool. It’s pretty easy to use and offers an iOS app for mobile access. Best of all, it’s entirely free for personal use! 

5. Skype for Business

The easiest way to include live-stream meetings on your website is with Skype for Business. With more than one billion downloads, it’s a familiar solution to web conferencing. 

Summary on Virtual Conference – 11 CONCRETE STEPS to Grow Your Business

To summarize, Virtual Conferences are becoming increasingly popular among professional organizations for several reasons. They allow organizers to promote their events to people worldwide to be from all different areas and backgrounds.

They also allow the organizers to target specific individuals based on university education or profession. Because virtual conferences are generally cheaper to produce than in-person conferences, they can be more affordable for students or professionals looking for opportunities to advance their careers.

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