ZarFund Review – Is ZarFund A Good Money Making Opportunity?

There has been a lot of buzz around these days regarding Zarfund and everyone is talking about it. In my ZarFund Review I’m going to share with you the concept of Matrix System. As ZarFund is a Cryptocurrency Matrix System, there is a lot of scope to understand the concept first before jumping into it.

ZarFund Review – Is ZarFund A Good Money Making Opportunity?

But before that let me tell you, I’ve not joined Zarfund and I’m not promoting it. I’ve gathered some information and facts about it in my Zarfund Review and am trying to share with you which might help you decide whether you should join it or not.

Zarfund Review: What Is ZarFund?

Zarfund is a “Matrix Program” or a “Direct Donation Program” where you donate a certain amount to your up-line in order to get donation from your down-lines. This is the core concept of the business. But before going into the details we need to look at it’s background information first.

But unfortunately ZarFund has very limited background information if you dig into it. SoZarFund Review - Is ZarFund A Good Money Making Opportunity? I leave this up to you to research a bit about its background before you decide to join. So far as my research goes, the Owner is from South Africa. The name of the owner is Hannes Jordaan (FB Profile).

Zarfund Review: How ZarFund Works?

BITCOIN is the only Payment Mode that ZarFund works with.

A Zarfund member voluntarily donates to the person who has invited him to join the program in order to be eligible to receive donations from his down-lines (6 levels deep) on a monthly basis.

Suppose you have joined the program, Now you have to upgrade to Level-1 by paying your up-line a certain amount per month (i.e. making donation to your up-line) in order to get donations per month from your Level-1 down-lines.

Same way, if you upgrade to Level-2, you make yourself eligible to receive donations from your level-2 down-lines and so on. Remember, there are 6 levels to upgrade.

Let Me Explain the “ZarFund Concept” More Clearly:

You join ZarFund and Upgrade to Level-1 by Paying / donating 0.03 BTC ($17) per month to your Sponsor. And immediately you become eligible to receive 0.03 BTC per month from each of your Two Level-1 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.03 x 2) = 0.06 BTC.

ZarFund Review – Is ZarFund A Good Money Making Opportunity?

► Now you Upgrade to Level-2 by Paying / donating 0.05 BTC ($29) per month to your Level-2 Up-line. And immediately you become eligible to receive 0.05 BTC per month from each of your Four Level-2 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.05 x 4) = 0.20 BTC.

ZarFund Review – Is ZarFund A Good Money Making Opportunity?

► Now you Upgrade to Level-3 by Paying / donating 0.1 BTC ($57) per month to your Level-3 Up-line. And immediately you become eligible to receive 0.1 BTC per month from each of your Eight Level-3 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.1 x 8) = 0.80 BTC.

ZarFund Review – Is ZarFund A Good Money Making Opportunity?

► Now you Upgrade to Level-4 by Paying / donating 0.2 BTC ($114) per month to your level-4 Up-line. And immediately you become eligible to receive 0.2 BTC per month from each of your Sixteen Level-4 referrals / down-lines i.e. (0.2 x 16) = 3.20 BTC.

ZarFund Review – Is ZarFund A Good Money Making Opportunity?

► Now you Upgrade to Level-5 by Paying / donating 1 BTC ($570) per month to your Level-5 Up-line. And immediately you become eligible to receive 1 BTC per month from each of your Thirty Two (32) Level-5 referrals / down-lines i.e. (1 x 32) = 32 BTC.

ZarFund Review – Is ZarFund A Good Money Making Opportunity?

► Now you Upgrade to Level-6 by Paying / donating 2 BTC ($1,140) per month to your Level-6 Up-line. And immediately you become eligible to receive 2 BTC per month from each of your Sixty Four (64) Level-6 referrals / down-lines i.e. (2 x 64) = 128 BTC.

Now you Upgrade to Level-5 by Paying 1 BTC / $570. And immediately you become eligible to receive 1 BTC from each of your Thirty Two (32) Level-5 referrals i.e. (1 x 32) = 32 BTC.


Paying and Receiving Donations continues every month. It’s mandatory to pay the Donations / Making the Upgradations every month. The moment you stop upgrading yourself, you stop receiving donations from your down-lines.

CONCLUTION: Can You Really Make Money From ZarFund?

Yes you can make money / make good profits from ZarFund if you join early. The number of members is increasing extremely fast. But in my opinion it’s Risky too to take part in ZarFund or in any type of Matrix System. And since it involves a compulsory donation / upgradation system every month, I will try to avoid the program.

I’m associated with only one Program (My Paying Ads) which is making me Real Money and I’m making some very good profits from it. I’ve a detailed post on My Paying Ads Here.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether you will jump into it or not. But if you decide to join, please make sure to take time before joining to know and learn and have a clear idea about how this Matrix System works.

If you want to know more about ZarFund, please Visit their Official Website Here (NOT my Referral Link).

**(0.03 BTC = $ 17 as on the date of publishing the post)

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  1. I trade (that is, buy and sell bitcoins) anonymously from My last trade with LiviaCoins was completed in 30 minutes.

  2. Hi admin I want to know about which program you joined currently or which program you suggest me to join thanks in advance I am glad to you if you replay me in my mail thanks in advance

    1. Hi Somvir,

      Currently I’m with MPA, MPCA and EEC. If you have gone through my blog, you must have noticed that I do not join each and every program that I review. I join only those which I trust depending on the honesty and the transparency of the owner. I also do not insist anyone to join this program or that program. My suggestion is, always do your due diligence before joining any online program.

      Thank you

  3. Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

    1. Hi Susan,

      As you’ve read above that I’m not a part of Zarfund, I request you to ask this question to your sponsor.

      Thank you

  4. Hai admin sir, I just joined 5 days ago. Now i am in level 2. I am facing problem to search members for zarfund. I found some peoples but those are not interested when i am asking to invest. Help me and link me some interested peoples . Thank u . I am awaiting you

  5. Thank you so much admin.i started zarfund a week ago ,believe me , i have already gotten to level 2. come and join my team from wherever you are, and just relax for us to do the job for 07014647888.

  6. Zarfund is very legit. It’s a platform that allows you to earn as much as 80,000 dollars with just a one time donation of 0.03bitcoins or 16,000 naria. the Bitcoin value is rising every day. I joined my team on the 21st of December and I’m in level 2 already, working towards level 3. Be bold, be proactive, call or watsapp 07016907047, 08130351357

    1. hey Cynthia, you don’t even know the truth.
      You said you are in 3rd level I think after 4th or 5th level you dont able to upgrade yourself because to reach level 6 it needs 50,00,000 people to join this fucking zarfund so 50,00,000 user promote one men to reach the level 6 so at least billions of people need for this website to reach their people to 6th level .
      for more detail you can contact me := [email protected]

  7. Zarfund is a team-work based on person 2 person funding platform. Zarfund is all about team work. And the start-up capital is 0.03btc. All new investors voluntarily pays their upline (the person who referred them) 0.03coin, then the investor will invite two person who will pay him 0.03coin each making x2 of his investment in one day (at that point you move to level 2). Then your two referrals will have to refer two people each and the matrix keeps forming.
    Zarfund is a 2×6 forced matrix that is impossible to do alone, hence TEAMWORK is encouraged. That’s what set Zarfund apart from all other investment. With teamwork you can use 0.03coin to earn 128btc which is the highest level.
    In Zarfund you only need two referrals, you can’t have more than it.
    As at today 1bitcoin (btc) is $955 and bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the world.
    Zarfund is a legit investment in the cyber world, founded by Hannes Jordaan; you control your money, you are your own bank, and you receive and pay your money. All your funds are in your bitcoin account.
    You may withdraw your money anytime.
    In Zarfund, participants pay each other, zarfund is just the platform.
    Zarfund is a Teamwork platform won’t you rather join a team poised to get to the highest level.
    To join our team or ask anything / everything on bitcoin and zarfund, send a simple message to : [email protected]
    Call : +2348188851533
    Whichever that suits you.

    1. Hi Sunil,

      As you have read, I am not a part of Zarfund.. But I’ve explained the entire process very clearly… Also you will find many members of Zarfund who have the explained the process in the comment section of this post… Kindly go through them.

      Thank you

  8. @SHYAM: start by visiting blockchain website. You can create a wallet / btc account with just your email and a secured password after which you are good to receive and transfer funds /coin. Please try and review your security preferences it’s very important you do it as transactions are not reversible and accounts are anonymous.

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    Be the next upline. Wealthcome.

  11. Pls I need the guide for my paying . Am interested in joining from Nigeria. Then apart from buying ad packs can I advertise my pdcts too?

    1. Hi Temitee,

      Thanks for commenting. There are lots of members who joined from Nigeria. Everyone from all over the world can join the program. Apart from buying adpacks there are a lot of options to advertise your products / service Login ads, cash links / static ads etc etc…

      I’ve sent you the guide. Please check you inbox.

      Thanks again

  12. After referring 2 people that will donate 0.03 BTC to me when am in level 1, how will those 2 people become 4 that will donate 0.05 BTC when i get to level 2

    1. The 2 people will also need their own twos. Thats why it is called Matrix. However, if your 2 cant get their referrals, if you are working with a Good Kind Team like our WINNING Team, You are covered as we do googleleadservices and facebook Paid adverts to help members get FREE referrals that will register and Upgrade Instantly.
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  14. Hey, what happens to me if my referrals don’t have any further referrals or even another line down? Do I also stop progressing?


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  18. Wow! I am back again, first of all I want to thank Admin for the good job, thank you Sir.

    By the special grace of God it has been really working well, yes, I can say that with a very BIG smile! Zarfund is %100 good and Admin have said it all.
    I have a good news for you on how to make it, through this platform, yes, I have an ideal which have been working for me and my team members, do you wish to give it a trial? if I where you I’ll like to.

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  20. Hi Sir, I am interested but am afraid I won’t be able to get people under me and what would happen if I don’t, I can’t receive any donations right?

  21. hello, please i will like to know, if your are upgrading to the next level, do you still maintain the your previous down lines and add more to your previous down lines to qualify for the next level?

  22. Hi Admin,

    Thank you very much for the great review. It is very important to think twice before making any investment. I personally want people to gain financial freedom and that is part of the mission we stated on our website. But the drive to financial freedom has to be genuine and real.

  23. hello everyone, this information has been insightful… trust me zarfund is the way to go. i have an extremely brilliant team that would make u rich. we would educate u and endeavor you cash out. send me a mail @ : [email protected] i am looking forward to making u rich.

  24. Hello Sir,
    pls send me a video/ pdf doc. of all i need to know regarding MPA.
    i hope is not one of those hype things on the internet.
    I’ll appreciate to your personal contacts to enable a closer communication

    1. Why did you put your comment regarding MPA on the Zarfund post? No issue… I’ve sent you the guide. Please check your inbox.

      Thank you

  25. Zarfund is a cool business venture. Just got on board last month, and already have 2 downlines. My team is a vibrant one in Port Harcourt,Nigeria. You can have a feel,if you really Treasure team work. We work like a family… You can call 08033387469

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  27. Hello dears
    I,m member of Zarfund.
    And i,m on level 3.
    Earning Good money.
    If anyone to join contact me i will give full international team support. Thanks
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  28. @ the admin. please am a zarfund participant still growing my team, now a friend of mine just introduce me to this new platform. the site is “******************” though it operate just like zarfund… I need your say on it.. thanks…

    1. Hi Chris,

      I removed the program name from you comment. Secondly I’m not with any Matrix program right now… Not even with Zarfund… So it won’t be possible for me at all to give my opinion on that. Hope you get my point.

      Anyways, thanks for visiting Chris

      Thank you

  29. Wow, this is a honest review. Great job, Admin. I must add that your one time payment of 0.03BTC(about $19.5 USD now) is the only money from your pocket that you need to start and finish the 6 level matrix. That is why the return on investment is very good and worthwhile. Also, since the payment you receive after each upgrade is safely kept away in your bitcoin wallet it makes Zarfund one of the safest online investment now. The key to success in Zarfund is starting early and more importantly joining a team that will help you to grow quickly with it in team work because in Zarfund success is predictable.
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  30. hi guys.
    After readings lots of comments and requests I believe that what is worth doing is worth doing well. I was skeptic about it at first but I took a bold step and its paying off. I built a team of dare minded folks and together we thrived. I think the biggest risk is doing nothing at all. Remember zardfund is a passive income stuff. if u wanna join my train

  31. Wow! This is really good. First of all, I want to thank Admin for wonderful job well done, Is truly a honest review about zarfund.

    Infact, this review tells all about zarfund, and all about this diagram is 100% true, and it has been very much helpful on my zarfund seminar since I came across it.

    My People, when you watch the zarfund review very well, you will find out that, the main key to succeed is to be in a very good team, which mine is one of them, and also there are many good once out there, just look for strong one to join but bear it in mind the earlier you join, the much advantage you have to make it.

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  32. Good morning admin, I like this great work of urs,
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  34. Hello Admin, please i want you help me review MMM UNITED. Sir is it a nice platform? or just a bunch of Scam? i await your response.

    1. Hi Chris,

      As I’m not a part of MMM United I can’t say anything about this platform. Rather I wd ask someone who took part in MMM United to help Chris please.

      Thank you


    *ZARFUND* is a Person-To-Person Direct Donation Platform.

    The system was designed in such a way that it can be used by Fundraisers, such as Charities, Schools, Clubs, non-profits, family, and personal financial needs etc.

    The donations are NOT collected by the Administrator, nor are they automated by the system, rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s Bitcoin Wallet to another member’s Bitcoin Wallet.

  36. I love sincerity,i have gotten to this level and DAT but u don’t understand how zarfund works.sombody told me he has gotten to level 4 but has not earn level 4 money.for those that have join zarfund and those intended to join call me or whatsapp me for a better explaination on zarfund so DAT u will not get forstrated.07032105010

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  39. Zarfund is really a nice venture… I hv joined it and it’s really paying… if you have a good team … u can reach the target within days. Pls I hv a wonderful team who can help you get downlinert. email me on [email protected]

    1. About 40million naira.

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  40. Thumbs up to the admin for a nice review on this.
    I just joined zarfund, and in 3 days I am now in level 2, with my eyes fully fixed on level 3, all thanks to the very vibrant and cooperative team I belong to. Join us today for simplified analysis of the zarfund system and simple strategies to get you up there in no time. Here’s a link to our WhatsApp group:
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    1. hi yunus.
      All zarfund requires from you is a one time payment of 18$ and two down lines each registering with the same amount. That all u need for your journey to level 6.

  42. hi admin thanks for your review.
    Its great to have found an awesome platform where wealth is predictable. I too was skeptic about it but now I have evidences to show for it. zarfund truly worth every second spent on it. its just my view anyways cos I know it take an investor to know potential when he sees one. Am Joshua proud leader of team josh zarfund group. Give me a call for clarity am always open to queries. 08147025276 or [email protected].

  43. Good morning admin. Am a proud level 3 zarfunder with over 250 people in my team. Would like to help those who are interested. Pls feel free to contact me on whatsapp + 234 7038489556

  44. i tried to register in my paying ads but they say Duplicate IP address is not allowed to register. what does this mean what can i do

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Please make comments in respective posts. Anyways no issues bro.

      You must have tried to sign up before from the computer you are using now. Or someone might have signed up from this computer. Whatever it is, my suggestion is to register from another computer (may be your friend’s computer or cyber cafe) or tab or mobile. Then you can sign in from the computer you are presently using. Please try this.

      Let me know if you have any other query.

      Thank you

  45. Good morning admin, thanks for your committment to this review. I have read your post about mypayingads and was thinking what other thing to do with the profit i will get from zarfund, because am growing fast in it using my spillover strategy. Will get my money trippled for me in a month in mypayingads?

  46. Thank you admin for the review. Yes, it is true, that zarfund is a good money making opportunity, Yes, it is true! I can say that again!

    A friend of mine told me about this business late last month, after then, I took my time to study it very very well, before joining a moving team on 5th of this month (October) today being 14th of same month, that’s after one week I am now in level 3! that’s great! My people, You are free to join my team or you look for any other good team to join, remember the earlier you join the more advantage you have, let’s work as a family and a team to get to the top together, don’t wait till tomorrow on what you can do today, almost 3000 people are joining the business on daily basis. My contact +2348179205684 [email protected]

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  48. Thanks for reviewing. Zarfund is the best online business so far.
    Just joined and am already in level 2 going to level 3. whatsaap me 07038489556


    1. Hi Mohammad,

      I’m allowing almost everyone to leave their contacts to get downlines for Zarfund. Thanks for visiting brother.

      Thank you

  50. In case u need a link or instant funding of your BITCOIN wallet just watsap me on 08068534337.pls admin kindly help me with anyone who will be willing to help me with downliner. I will be grateful. Thanks in advance

  51. Hello Admin, I wish I had seen this last night. I just joined zarfund today and I can’t even get a soul to register. Please share some advice on how I can market it and at least get my capital back

    1. Hi sarah,

      You must have noticed that I’m not a part of Zarfund. So I would advise you to contact the person you joined under and ask him / her about the strategy how you can market. I’m sure he / she will definitely help you out on this and help you get your money back.

      Thanks sarah

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  54. Thanks Admin

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  57. Thanks to the Admin.
    Hello guys….my name is Gee.
    I started Zarfund 2day ago and I have upgraded to level 2, and hoping to get to level 3 in 3days.
    I believe in good team work…and I have a great team, working together to make sure everyone gets to the top as quickly as possible. Join our rapidly growing team.
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  58. hi admin
    i just join the site now zarfund but don’t know how to bring people on board to join me too so that i can grow can anyone help thanks alot

    1. Hi Sam,

      Please go through the “Comment Section”. You will find many to help you out on this. I’ve allowed everyone to leave their emails and contacts here.

      Thank you

  59. I’m seriously considering joining it but I need more clarification.. if there is any wats app group that discuss about this pls add me +2347065366166 thanks admin for the honest reviews

      1. Hi Caroline,

        You might have never seen any review blog allowing other to leave their email ids for helping and getting referrals. But I have no objection in doing that. That’s why I’m gladly approving your comment. Also I’ve approve so many readers of my blog to leave their emails and referrals links in my blog.

        Thanks anyways

  60. Thanks for the honest review. I was very very skeptical about Zarfund initially. But I finally joined two weeks ago and I am already in level 3. I just have one direct down line while the rest are spillovers. My upline is having seminar every week and her downlines are benefitting. The immediate result is amazing. I now call Zarfund ‘my bitcoin fast track’
    Thanks Admin, my team can assist anyone who wants result fast. We have a zarfund family group on WhatsApp. Please permit me to give my [email protected]

  61. In my previous comment I meant to say it’s one of the few reviews which does not promote another program.I like that very much.You are very honest and objective.And for anyone who might consider joining this program,I personally would say go for it.

  62. I am interested in joining zarfund but as a student I am financially unable. Can anyone volunteer to pay for my entry fee ie be my sponsor.

    1. blessing kindly send me message on whatsapp +2348133992046 for a faster conversation and all you need to know about joining the right team on zarfund..

  63. ADMIN
    I need help, I want to join but iam afraid because I don’t know to how sweet talk people. Admin I need you to please link me to somebody that help me with my downline. I also don’t mind if you can give me a serious person that I sponsore his or her entry fee of $17.
    I hardly have time because of my job.
    Please can help ADMIN?

  64. that’s a nice post you made bro…. well i just upgraded my account my account few minutes back for this comment, a friend of mine introduced me to the program, he even paid for my first upgrade money.

    I am convinced that its a nice step of online money making anybody can benevolently join. here is my mail: [email protected], anyone can contact me for more details on how to work out on this so easily.

  65. Hi admin, i really wish you were part of this. Anyways, i joined through a review site just like yours and the spillover has been great. i am at stage three now and with all sincerity i brought in just one person.

    1. Hi Ronnie,

      Thanks for commenting. The point you raised is really debatable. It varies from the mindsets of person to person. I have mentioned clearly the exact reason why I did not join. My point might look reasonable to someone, may look unreasonable to another one. It all depends on the mindset.

      Anyways, thanks for your words… and keep visiting.

      Thanks again

  66. Admin your review is awesome and unbaised. Please permit me to add my email for those wanting to join.
    Zarfund is great, its a revolution already happening,
    spill over guaranteed, but you still have do some serious marketing yourself. Am in Nigeria here is my email [email protected]

  67. I joined a powerful team and I most say, we are doing well.

    I don’t know if admin will allow my referral link here, so am not sharing, but all the same, if you want to join a powerful team like mine
    Send an email to .
    [email protected],

    Nice explanation admin, I think you should try it out.

  68. Admin I must really commend you for you analytical prowees, you really did explained well and I love your sincerity.
    A friend informed me about this earlier but I’m yet to take the steps in registering cos I’m still studying the trend of the trade. Having registered with MMM with lot of others calling my attention, I see a great potential in earning massively in Zarfund and I would love someone who’s already a member and has enough team to hook me up on Facebook, Ahanonu Kingsley Eze. Thanks.

    Admin I encourage you take a bait, you’ll see how it pays. You’re just on the fence.

  69. Admin, what a great review! It is thorough and impartial. I highly respect your decision not to sign up with Zarfund. However, I want to dive in. Zarfund is very new but I see it as a good opportunity, currently, for the average guy and gal.

    Best Uzoma , I cherish your progress so far. I want to join your team immediately. Please send me your link at: [email protected]

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your words. I’m sorry, I’ve not joined Zarfund, so I’m not able to send you any link to join my tea. Anyways.. good luck to you.. and thanks for commenting.. Keep visiting.

      Thanks again

    1. Hi Phindile,

      How can I help you? I have not joined Zaefund. So i don’t have any referral link to provide so that you can join. I would request you to find some other invitation / ref link to join.

      Thank you

  70. Wow, What a great review, everything explained straight, easy to understand. Well, I started working with Zarfund a week ago and got total 5 referrals yet. I upgraded to “Silver” in just three days of my joining and now it seems to get an upgrade in upcoming 1-2 days. Its a great platform which allows you to earn more than your expectation. Its a forced matrix, so Everyone can have huge spillovers from upline efforts.

    I also wrote an honest review with my opinion about Zarfund, you may find it on my website by clicking at my name here.

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